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  1. Venture Guy
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    I bought these along with a couple of other highly rated headphones to audition while I was waiting for my Sonoma Acoustics Model One to arrive. They were in rotation for a couple of months, so very lightly used. If I didn't have the Model One these would be keepers. I never realized how noisy even a "quiet" room was until I tried these. The noise cancelling is there to improve the signal to noise ratio in normal listening.

    Headphones come in original packaging with ALL original accessories: 4 cables, leather case, hard case and battery to recharge them.
    I cover PayPal fees and shipping.
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  2. starman93
    Hi,would you consider sending to France?(would share the shipping fees)black or gold edition?(find the gold one a litlle too bling-bling)Thx.
  3. Venture Guy
    Whoops! It is the gold edition. Agreed it is a little bling, but the sound is the same :). It is a little bit of a PITA, but I am willing to ship to France.
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  4. starman93
    Thx for the quick answer,if you have no US buyer may consider it anyway,let me know how much will the extra shipping fee be
  5. Mihalis
    Can they be connected to iPhones via lightning?
  6. Venture Guy
    You can go two ways. Analog through the built-in ADC, or digital, which requires the Apple CCK. There is an analog remote cable included that works with iOS devices.
  7. Venture Guy
    Featured in the January 2018 Absolute Sound Guide to Headphones...
  8. Venture Guy
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  9. Mihalis
    I think Tyll is wrong. When one connects the headphones to an iPhone via CCK, one gets an error message about the AKG drawing too much power. How did you resolve this?
  10. Venture Guy
    It works with some i devices, others see too much current draw (the headphones will attempt to power themselves via USB, otherwise they will use internal battery power). The remedy is to block or cut the +5V lead of the USB cable...
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  11. Mihalis
    Thank you; when I had tried this I just got no signal through (by simply covering the lead.)
  12. Venture Guy
    Take a cheap USB cable and cut the 5 volt lead (Google has lots of pics of which lead to cut).
  13. Mihalis
    Most dacs need the 5v connector to recognize the signal. Even my Msb dac needs this, so unless akg désignés this differently on purpose it won’t work. Or unless you have done it and it has worked.
  14. Venture Guy
    Not true. It is one of the standard remedies for USB DAC problems. Notice Holiday pricing :)
  15. Mihalis
    In practice the solution you suggested didn’t work including when cutting. For powered Dacs my point is absolutely correct: the majority of designs follow the usb protocol which requires the power connection. This is in fact why people who think that the power link may be a problem have created double cables which split the power at the source. But in all these cases the cables connect into one cable at the dac level. If power was not needed, then most audiophile usb câbles would just ignore the power leads. I do thank you for trying. M.

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