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Originally Posted by tman8297 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What do they sound like? Can you compare to anything ive already listed? I can get portapros for that price, are the JVCs better?

The PortaPros aren't really closed headphones. If you're open to open headphones, you should be able to grab a pair of PX100s for $30, either on ebay or from the FS forums here. I don't have those JVC's but I do have the flats, which are a lower-down model and they sound great for the price (see the review in my sig).

Honestly, it's nearly impossible to beat the KSC75s in terms of sound for under $30 because thats exactly what they are - the best headphones for under $30. The only way to do so is to get creative and find a great deal on PortaPros or PX100s (or get them used).
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I had the S900 and the KSC75/35/Sportapro/Portapro. The S700 should be slightly better sounding and they also isolate preserving some SQ. The S900 are more bassy like the Portapro and really quite better. The S700 should be conceivably between the 2, not as good as the S900 but better than the Portapro.
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Originally Posted by tman8297 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ok, so let me try to reorganize.

Ill lay out my options:

KSC75 - $15
KTX Pro1 - $18
UR-40 - $28
Portapro - $32
PX100 - $34

These are all within my price range, are these my best options, or is there anything else to add? I would prefer a sturdier headband, and the only one that doesnt look flimsy is the UR40, but i cant find anything on the sound quality. Will the portapros last long enough/sound good enough for me to just spend the extra cash and get it, or are the PX100s a better deal?

Why arent the JVCs that jant suggested on the list? They look interesting even to me. Also, the UR40s are vastly inferior to the KSC75s in terms of SQ despite using the same drivers. Something about the design just doesn't work for sound. The KTXPro1 use diff't drivers than the KSCs and probably sound worse as well.

The PortaPros feel plenty sturdy, but my Sennheisers haven't shown any signs of weakening in the year I've had them, either. I would pick based on the sound signature of your preference.
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Originally Posted by tman8297 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i just edited it in, forgot it the first time.

Ill forget the um40s, but from what i can see the KTX Pro1 has the KSC-75 drivers, are you sure it is different?

So basically im looking at the JVC, the Portapros, and the PX100. Like I said above, i listen to a wide variety of music, so I am mostly looking for something 'fun'.

You are right, just double checked. Looks like the Pro1's do use the Ti drivers. I guess the reason I've always dismissed them is the looks - they look like free airline headphones ><.

As for the "fun" factor, I think both the PX100s and the KOSS's have it in spades. You can read my review for more, but basically the PX100s are very relaxed and smooth-sounding. They are still plenty-involving and I find them extremely comfortable. Theres dozens of impressions of the PortaPros on head-fi as well as many arguments over which is the superior phone vs. the PX100.
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Originally Posted by tman8297 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What is the isolation like on the JVC's? I dont plan on using these outside much, but it would be nice if people didnt have to listen to my music, and i didnt have to listen to them. I dont need complete silence, ill be getting my IEM's for that, but I would like some degree of quiet, both going in and out.

Do the JVC's compare at all to the koss/sennheiser sound or is it a completely different level?

Jant can probably give you a definite answer, but I would imagine the JVC are quite a bit better, being at least only semi-open. I know that in terms of leakage, my JVC HA-S150 Flats are far superior to both my KSC75's and PX100s. Not sure about portapros, but FWIR they are closer to open than closed in terms of leakage. Isolation is pretty poor on all three that I own, but obviouslt less so on the Semi-open flats. I think the best-isolating budget portables i've owned are the ATH-ON3's.
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Originally Posted by tman8297 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
how do these compare?

tSc NC-3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

i dont know if i want active noise cancelling, but its a good deal it looks like. can anyone tell me about them?

What should i do?

Those have popped up here on several occasions. Several people have owned tSc's other phones - mostly the dj ones - and said they were nothing special, even at the sale price. I had the tSc IE-5 and i have to say that quality control is seriously lacking. The first pair I got had a dead channel. The second had a crack on the housing. Also, getting your risk-free refund isn't as easy as it might appear - took me well over two months to get mine.

I would go for something better known, and if you're not sure about ANC, don't bother as it usually means a worse-sounding phone for the money. If you're looking for closed-ish, I think the JVC's might be the winner.
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Originally Posted by tman8297 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
should i consider the HD 202s? I had a pair of HD 201s that were decent, but very uncomfortable.

If not, i think ill buy the JVC while they are still on the weekend sale.

If I remember correctly, the HD201 is both more comfortable and better-sounding than the HD202.

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