Dekoni Elite Velour Ear Pads for Beyerdynamic DT/T (Review)
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Dec 17, 2010
Successfully got the Elite Velours onto my DT1770 Pro's. It took a good 45-60 min to get both ear-pads on because of the stitching around the velour lip that is supposed to slide into the ridge surrounding the ear-cups. It's quite a tight fit, but using a credit card or cardboard/cardstock of similar thickness and stiffness was the best way to work it onto the ear-pad fitting. Just be patient!

I use these for music listening and gaming (hence the ModMic 4.0 applied to the left ear-cup) plugged into a SMSL M6. I haven't tested how they sound with my Fiio X5 1st Gen yet, but I'm sure it'll be glorious. They are simply the comfiest ear-pads I have ever felt. They feel like literal clouds on your head. They provide the perfect amount of space for your ears to fully fit inside them and also rest your ears a bit further away from the headphone drivers, eliminating any chance of your ears to be rubbing on the drivers. I forget that I'm wearing these tbh. And being memory foam, they provide the perfect fit on your head.

These ear-pads opened up the sound-stage almost to the point where they sound like open-ear headphones (there's definitely less isolation from outside noises with them on too). It's actually quite insane how much they changed the sound signature, and I mean this in a good way. Everything sounds a lot more spread apart without losing any detail. In-fact I notice MORE detail in music and games with these on. I feel like if these ear-pads were shipped with the original product people would pitch these headphones against others that are farrrrr above the DT1770's price point.

My only complaint is that they don't have an attenuation ring behind the ear-pads like the stock pads have, allowing the trebles to sound a lot louder with the Elite Velours on. The bass was also recessed a bit with the Elite Velours but are a lot smoother and full-bodied without losing precision and speed. Because of my taste, I installed Equalizer APO (provides a 31-band equalizer) on my PC and set a pre-amp of -4.5db to provide headroom while boosting the sub-bass frequencies a bit and decreased the very high trebles a bit as well.


With that being said though, it is worthy to note that because of the drastic change in sound the ear-pads provide that they might not be best suited with devices that don't supply a decent equalizer (under 15-band EQ's).

- Provides an open-back headphone(like) presentation.
- Widened sound-stage substantially.
- Revealed how much detail these drivers actually provide.
- Improved sub-bass detail.
- Unbelievably comfy (FREAKING PILLOWS, I'M TELLIN' YA!!!!)

- Decreased isolation (this is a con to most because these are intended to be closed-back headphones, but I don't mind it).
- Increased sound leakage (I never take these out of my office in my dwelling, so this isn't an issue for me).
- Very tough to get on (remember, be patient and take your time).
- A decent EQ might be needed, based on your tastes in sound.


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