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Dekoni and New Pads for Sony, Nuggets for All!

  1. DekoniAudio
    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce a new pad material, exclusive to our new Sony WH-1000XM2 earpads, plus a new type of Pad Product: Dekoni Nuggets!


    Sony’s WH-1000XM2 is “The Noise-Cancelling Headphone.” Regarded by reviewers in the Industry and the Community as the first travel headphone with levels of active noise cancellation to challenge the reigning Bose Quiet Comfort models for the championship belt, the WH-1000XM2 also have a well-regraded sound quality and are an often recommended travel companion. It was also the most requested headphone for the “Dekoni take” on comfort.

    D5E6BC76-7673-4D18-8500-D3C31D862776.jpeg E068C5BF-890C-4231-80F0-1BBD12F92B7F.jpeg

    Dekoni preserved what made this Sony great, but made a number of small changes that make a big difference. First of all, there is more room for the ear, with deeper pads and a wider diameter opening. Second, the Dekoni Choice pads have also improved on the travel practicality of the WH-1000XM2 by with about 12dB more passive isolation from noise leaking in or out. Those changes already address what people said they wanted from Dekoni, but we didn’t stop there! The Dekoni WH-1000XM2 pads will also be the first to use the new Choice Suede and Choice Leather materials, leading-edge new vegan materials which feel supremely soft, supple, and lightweight in thickness compared to the stock Sony pads. We also used our design experience and measurement devices to inform the accentuated sound: holistically we are proud of the sound presentation of both models, and we were getting great feedback on our prototypes at CanJam RMAF this October!
    For people like us who marathon their headphone sessions, these will be great. Buy yours today!
    Choice Leather: https://dekoniaudio.com/product/dek...ony-wh1000xm2-dekoni-choice-leather-material/
    Choice Suede: https://dekoniaudio.com/product/dek...-sony-wh1000xm2-dekoni-choice-suede-material/

    Our separate WH-1000XM3 pads are almost ready, and should be available in the first quarter of 2019.
    We created a pad installation video:

    Also, we purchased a pair of MDR-1000X (The predecessor to the WH-1000XM2) to confirm if our pads would fit the older model too – the day before they were delivered, we got a message confirming the pads are cross compatible. We confirmed it anyway, but good news for those owing the older model! Again, our WH-1000XM3 pads are actually a different size and will be released very soon.

    And now, for something different... Dekoni Nuggets!

    The newest innovation from Dekoni Audio, the Nuggets are the perfect solution for headband hotspots, weight distribution, and finding that perfect fit. Coming in a 4 pack, wearing the new Dekoni Choice Leather, the Dekoni Nuggets are small pads with 3M adhesive designed to stick onto almost any headband. The proof of concept samples were surprise hit at CanJam RMAF, with even different headphone manufacturers coming to us asking to borrow the Nuggets to help people with smaller shaped heads get a better fit beyond the smallest headband setting, and have been selling well at the winter Potafes in Japan! Buy yours today at: https://dekoniaudio.com/product/dekoni-audio-nuggets-headphone-headband-pressure-relief-pads-4-pack/
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
    Dekoni Audio Stay updated on Dekoni Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Smart! I applaud you guys for seeing a need and working to be the first [that I've seen] to have something to solve it!
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  3. M3NTAL
    Just got my "choice suede" pads installed. First thing to note - when installing these, there is a specific orientation that you need to follow. I learned the hard way and broke a tab on the Dekoni rings. I ended up pulling a ring out of my stock Sony pads. If the pad is "upside down" the tabs don't align. I don't think there is a specific Left / Right orientation though.

    Comfort - Definite improvement over stock. Not much else to say here.
    Sound - Less V-Shaped / slightly darker. For me it is less fatiguing than stock.

    These are worth it for me - helped improve a headphone that would get passed up due to comfort issues and/or sonic fatigue.
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  4. DekoniAudio
    First of all, thank you @M3NTAL for the kind words! We’re happy the pads are working well for you, and they are selling fast at a rate that may make them our bestselling pads soon. That Choice Suede is soft like no other, isn’t it?

    Second, you are indeed correct that the mounting clips are a bit asymmetrical. If you think of the headband as “up”, you want the seam of the pads and the little “point” on the mounting leather (and ring underneath) to be on the “down” side of the earcup. We made a video on YouTube demonstrating how to attach the pads, hopefully this helps people in the future:

    Finally, if both your stock and Dekoni mounting rings break one day, feel free to contact us at sales@dekoniaudio.com and we’ll work out sending you a new one. They probably won’t break, but we do have a lifetime warranty.
    Dekoni Audio Stay updated on Dekoni Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  5. JoePR31
    I wasn’t aware that you guys offer a lifetime warranty. That’s good to know...thanks! Also, I noticed you guys posted the frequency response graph for the 1000xm2, but not one for the 1000xm3. So far, I’m very happy with the increased space and comfort of the Elite Choice Leather pads for my 1000xm3, but they do somewhat change the sound signature, and I really need to see a graph to be able to dial in my EQ. Please help!

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