Degredation of the casual use experience with high end headphones vs mid-range headphones
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Dec 2, 2012
As we all know, when you pick up a pair of cheap headphones from target and watch youtube videos, it doesnt sound like poo because those headphones arent good enough to be worthy of the pooeyness that better headphones will let you pick up on. But we here hipster elitists of head-fi are too good for logitech headphones!
a month ago, my dog ate my k702's :C fortunately i have an insanely expensive speaker setup, but its got far too colored of a sound for me, so im thinking of selling them to buy headphones, I'm generic and i've been eyeing the hd800's but the one thing that's put me off from buying them for as long as i've known of them is everyone says they make poorly mastered music sound like pooF. Which implies that youtube videos would sound like poo as well, and most of the things i do on the internet and on my computer that involve you hearing something, will sound like poo. But what i'd like to know, is how bad does it compare to the k702's i had, i'll admit low quality mp3's and streamed audio was quite a lot worse then my local music collection, but i could still listen to it and not cringe, when a youtube video had background noise it didnt kill the experience, but youtube music was less entertaining.
So, if i were to get something $1000+ that likes its details, will it degrade the casual use experience more than the k702's did? or will it be basically the same.
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Jan 21, 2008

This is one of many reasons to have multiple pairs. Another reason is not many cans sound great with all genres even if they sound really amazing at one or a few. Get some $20 cans for youtube. :wink:

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