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Definitive List of Well-Recorded Rock Albums

Discussion in 'Music' started by binkgle, Feb 27, 2006.
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  1. Unearthed

    Originally Posted by Aman

    Bob Dylan's "The Freewheelin'" is a superb acoustic recording. I don't know if that counts, but I'm sure it does.

    I agree that parts of it are pretty breathtaking...when "A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall" starts I always have a smile.

    Doesn't it bother you, however, that many of the songs on that album have different levels of recording quality? Take "Talking WWIII Blues" for example...I can hear in my left headphone the recording "click on"->harmonica->"click off". Staying with that song...when the next track, "Corina, Corina," comes on...it has a totally different sound. I don't dislike the quality of the album...it just seems certain tracks differ from the majority.
  2. claymon

    Originally Posted by Aman
    Dark Side of the Moon - NOT a good recording... due to all of the new and experimental effects.

    So we are strictly defining a good recording by your terms, and this would be highest sample rate? So a recording of pure silence, which would ultimately have the least amount of compression on a disc (correct me if i'm wrong) , would be a good recording to you? And a more compressed cd due to "new and experimental effects" takes away from a recording?!

    I don't understand this logic.
  3. ilikemonkeys
    I"ve heard DSOTM hundreds of times....at least. It should be on the list. But, that's just my opinion.....
  4. Cygnus311
    Rush - Counterparts
  5. jonnyhambone
    All the Steely Dan albums I have are amazingly recorded...I mostly have original (or at least old) vinyl pressings and don't know if they've messed with digital versions. Aja !![​IMG] I'd also second Zappa stuff in general and think he did a great job with his live recordings. I don't know 'Live in NY' so well but 'Roxy and Elsewhere' is outstanding no matter how you wanna judge it (I heard it's being released on DVD sometime...it was recorded and interspersed with behind the scenes stuff ala' 'Baby Snakes'. Hears hopin' for truth in rumors).
    I also think Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours' and 'Tusk' are quite nice in SQ (on original vinyl anyways).
  6. claymon

    Originally Posted by binkgle
    i feel bad removing dsotm, but i understand that it has to be compressed due to all te detail. ...(so you've confirmed what i've been told)

    So too much detail makes a bad recording, even though it sounds better with better equipment? So you personally have never listened to this album and thought it sounded bad, but you've been told it sounds bad... so therefore it must be bad.

    well, i'd say it's pretty damn good quality for 1968, and holds strong today with remasters, etc.
  7. KyPeN
    Symphony X - The Odyssey
    ------This CD has great dynamics and such PUNCH that is rare in rock nowadays which will make your Grados sing. It is a bit bright thouhg
    Porcupine Tree - In Absentia or Deadwing
    ------Again, great dynamics. The effects were used brilliantly. Everytime I listen to the CDs, I hear something new.

    Also, I have a comment about some of those albums neglected from the list. Not to say that Aman's arguments aren't valid, because they are. Not to say that these things shouldn't be said, because they should. However, just because some people don't recommend an album that other people do doesn't mean they should be left off of the list. This is a recommendation list is it not? Therefore, opinions will play a factor. Maybe these should go into a seperate category? I happen to think that DSOTM and Lateralus are brilliantly recorded. I use them as reference albums and they are right at the top of the list on my recommendations.

    Just just my opinion though...
  8. binkgle
    I put dark side back on. it can't not be on there. it sounds so good to me... aman, what are you looking for in a good recording? why is dsotm so bad to you?

    edit: and claymon, dsotm is my favorite album ever. i listen to it every day. i want it to be on the list, but i recently read a whole bunch of people saying that while it's brilliantly mastered etc. it's not well recorded. i can't hear it, but i hold a lot of respect for some of the guys who were saying this stuff.

    and, by the way, dsotm came out in '73, not '68
  9. claymon
  10. kramer5150

    Originally Posted by Cygnus311
    Rush - Counterparts

    Really?.. I never cared for any Rush recordings, be it live or studio. Although I admit I never spent that much time listening to counterparts. As much as I love the tunes many of their recordings always sounded so compressed and one dimensional.

    R30 is their best recording IMHO... I dont know if I would nominate it for this list though. Although Neil Pearts solo sounds incredible, and is the first Peart recording I really like for its acoustic / recording qualities.

    Someone correct me if I am way off base???[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Michael Jackson, Thriller.... I've also heard others recommend this recording... so Surely youre not alone in this.recommendation.
  11. binkgle
    i love thriller (and, whadayaknow, it's on the list [​IMG] ). whenever i've listened to it it's sounded pretty good
  12. claymon

    Originally Posted by binkgle
    and, by the way, dsotm came out in '73, not '68

    Oh, you're talking about Dark Side of the Moon! By DSOTM i was referring to Don Shula's Orgy Time Mix. [​IMG] [/lame coverup]

    haha, whoops, i guess it was 73!
  13. Skrying
    Mr. Bungle - California
    Fantômas - The Director's Cut

    Both of those to me sound amazingly crisp and sooooo nice. Both albums have heavy experimental music in them and very high pitched sounds that are crystal clear.
  14. clarke68

    Originally Posted by Binkgle
    I put dark side back on. it can't not be on there. it sounds so good to me...

    Good choice. I don't really know all the DSOTM remasters, so I'll defer to the experts. Steve Hoffman seems to think it sounds alright:

    Don at RTI kindly furnished me with an LP test pressing of the long anticipated "Dark Side Of The Moon", mastered by Doug Sax and Kevin Gray at AcousTech Mastering out at RTI in Camarillo, Ca.

    Doug's personal tube playback machine was brought in for the cutting, and the original Dolby A master mixes were used, as talked about on other "Dark Side" threads on our Forum. No high-frequency limiting was added to the mastering probably for the first time in the history of the album so watch out ribbon tweeter lovers, those bells & whistles really ring out!

    It sounds great, just like the master tape, with a minimum of EQ tweaking or other "futzing" that we all dislike here. One can clearly hear the different tonalities of the various instruments, pre-mixes, voices, effects, etc., quite clearly, as it should be.

    A very enjoyable listening experience.

    ...and Bob Katz seems to think that the compression on DSOTM was deliberate: Quote:

    Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
    Mastered by Doug Sax. Engineered by Alan Parsons. I think the original LP sounds more open, but this is still a good transfer to CD. Great example of progressive rock where the compressor was used for esthetic effect and for the sound, not to achieve a “loud record.” Capitol Records, C2-46001 (several re-releases), ©1973.

  15. OceanEnthusiast
    scanning my collection, these stick out for recording and playback quality:

    morphine - cure for pain
    sting - fields of gold
    beck - sea change
    nirvana - unplugged in new york

    hope that helps.
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