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Definitive List of Well-Recorded Rock Albums

Discussion in 'Music' started by binkgle, Feb 27, 2006.
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  1. TRapz
    I've noticed nobody has ever included Foo Fighters' "Wasting Light" in any of the well-recorded albums list. I thought it sounded very good, along with having many good songs. Anyone else have this opinion?
    On a side note, their Greatest Hits CD is meh.
  2. kalrykh
    Beck - Morning Phase
  3. m8o
    Jeff Beck - Live +

    A surprise. A revalation. Not your typical Jeff Beck.

    But just count all the early Jeff Beck albums in the well recorded category. Just got there and back again in 24/96 from HDTracks and was reminded how good they were.
  4. Sixpence
    Glad to see The Cranberries up there with No Need to Argue. Can't believe the sound on that album.

    If we're counting Kate Bush as rock, don't see why The Sensual World isn't up there. Prime work on an excellent album, the first album where her control in the studio was put to the limits and it showed.
  5. kalrykh

    I loved the cranberries in high school but stopped listening to them due to later albums not being to my liking. I'll have to get this album back out and give it a listen. Thanks for the help in rediscovery.
  6. Sixpence

    No problem, just took the cd out of my collection and have listened to it twice every day. Great stuff. Agreed about their later sound, going to look into the album they released a few years ago.
  7. wd1029
    It's well-recorded, but it has crappy mastering, unfortunately. Too dynamically compressed. ​
  8. dogtagkz
    An old thread that deserved to be revived. Thank you for the list headfiers!

    If there is one that I can suggest now quickly is Placebo - Battle for the Sun. To me a strong showcase of controlled dynamics by Dave Bottrill’s (Tool, Dream Theater among others.
  9. L7R
    Steely Dan - Two Against Nature
    Audiophile Reviewers use this. Magnificently produced album! In my mind, same category than Division Bell. Or even better.


    Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
    Standard CD version from 1994.
    -Even more popular. Can be found everywhere.

    This is one of my favourites;
    Robbie Robertson - Music for Native Americans

    You have to listen track Skinwalker. It's in Spotify. After that, think about how good it sounds in CD? You maybe think you've became somewhat deaf, because how loud this album can be played. Great dynamic range!
    Album have few great songs, also for those who are not Native Americans. :)
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  10. L7R
    And thanks dogtagkz! This was a great discovery. Two thumbs up!! :gs1000smile:
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  11. FullBright1
    Queen II
    Def Leppard - "Hysteria"
    Billy Squire "Tale Of The Tape"
    Van Halen 1
    Rush - Permanent Waves
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  12. dogtagkz
    Thank you, sir.

    Another that I would like to propose is Sixx AM Heroine Diaries Track Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary Edition. Man, with the Grado, it's bliss.
  13. dogtagkz
    OM - Advaitic Songs engineered by Steve Albini.

    Give it a shot!
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