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Definitive List of Well-Recorded Rock Albums

Discussion in 'Music' started by binkgle, Feb 27, 2006.
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  1. Mike_TNT
    Lou Reed- Transformer
  2. DarkAngel
    Sreely Dan
    Dire Straits

    These two rock groups output have to be near the top of the most consistently good sounding albums spanning a long time period.
    SD - "can't buy a thrill" sounds great from the early 1970s for instance

    Pearl Jam
    A surprise here but thier entire output sounds very good (especially middle period albums) even though they were a "grunge" group

    Also I have heard some ZZ Top and Electric Light Orchestra albums that sound pretty darn good for rock music, also later period Tom Petty were pretty good
  3. Jo-Vo

    I'm just wondering if anybody knows
    1. The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls
    2. Regina Spektor - Begin to hope
    and would consider them to be well recorded?

  4. sejarzo

    Originally Posted by rextrade /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Steely Dan--Katie Lied. Not necessarily one of my favorites, but damn it sounds good.

    Interesting, because while it's great musically, "Katy Lied" wasn't "well-recorded" in a strict sense--it was a total fiasco due to bad tape decks and improperly configured dbx noise reduction gear. The 1999 remaster by Becker and Fagen is the only CD version that sounds good; the original LP was rather flat sounding, which might have been corrected in a later vinyl remaster--but I never owned one.
  5. acegazda
    ohh does hail to the thief sound good. definitely among my favorites. Personally I think nevermind (nirvana) was recorded well, as was purple (STP).
    Kinda off topic, but every red hot chili peppers cd sounds wierd IMO... anyone else share this opinion?
  6. L7R
    Yeah, every RHCP album after "Blood sugar sex magik" distorts badly.
  7. Bryan T
    Dredg - "El Cielo" is recorded incredibly well. A lot of audio engineers use it as a comparison for what a modern rock album can sound like. If I recall correctly, it was recorded at Skywalker Ranch.

  8. dgbiker1
    I'm just listening to some Mazzy Star... WOWOWOWOW!!!! Amazing soundstage!
  9. holdendebeans
    I must add
    Deep Purple - Live On The BBC (SACD Hybrid)
  10. wanderman
    racer x - second heat
  11. Steggy
    would you guys consider Red-The End of silence, to be well recorded?
  12. regal
  13. scompton Contributor
    You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 2 - The Helsinki Concert.

    I'd say most of Zappa's albums. The one I'm listening to now is remarkable for a live album recorded in 72.

    Most of his albums in the 70s and 80s are excellently recorded. For the person who said that Live at Leeds was the best recorded live album he's ever heard, you need to listen to some Zappa. A large percentage of his albums are live and were equal to most studio albums from the same time period.

    If you really want to here well recorded live albums, classical and jazz set the standard IMO. Mainly because most of the people in the audience are there to listen to music instead of party like at a lot of rock concerts.
  14. DutchGFX
    This thread is awesome.

    My contribution:

    Anything by Stevie Wonder
  15. m8o
    In response to the OP, I think 311's Transistor has to join Sound System.
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