Deep-cup Darth Beyers (rare Korina!) SOLD
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 22, 2001
SOLD -- you snooze, you lose....

Well, here is yet another of my many impulse buys *sigh* ....
For sale:The ONLY pair of *deep-cup* Darths in Korina wood, in existence!
Darth Beyer deep-cup V3 from Headphile, started with NEW DT770/80 -- here is the original Headphile site's wording when I bought them:
================================================== ==============================================
DEAL 6 Darth Beyer VXD3... Deep closed version V3 using new DT770/80, blonde toned Korina (Private Stock) wood, 2.0 BlackMax to 1/4" plug. I gave these a little different shape than other deep versions, with more curl on the clean grain lower sides. Korina can have dark spots in it's interior, that show when finished. This pic shows some dark spots that I situated to be least noticeable when completed, I even book matched them the best I could. Any total clean grained pairs using Korina in the future will be priced significantly higher. Korina is one of the best tone woods there is, and sound excellent for Darth's.
================================================== ==============================================

The wood color in person looks really nice.

Just received these from Headphile not that long ago.
I also have other Darth Beyers -- too many right now.
I have bought a total of around 10-12 Darth Beyers, and these are the best-sounding ones I have ever heard -- but, selling all my cans, anyway, for personal reasons.

In perfect condition, same as I received them.Smoke-free, pet-free home.
Sell for $615 including shipping to CONUS only. No waiting!
Will accept PayPal or U.S. Post Office money-order only.
I will absorb the PayPal fees. (Quit large!)
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