DECT anxiety: retrofit DECT wireless guts into my own personal preference for over ear cans
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Nov 9, 2014
I like binaural wireless headset at work. I do a lot of speech recognition dictation. I have a few oversized over the ear cans. Very specialized requirements for those who different ones. Plenty of room. My own personal preference. So I've tried to disassemble the Sennheiser office runner. That's not very easy.
The DECT is perfect in a multiuse multiperson small room environment. Pairing is easier than Bluetooth. I believe there is better encryption. So the $64,000 question:
I would like the functionality of the Sennheiser office runner or equivalent. There are plenty out there like that I have is the office runner. So how I get the guts of that to my own hands without spending a fortune for prototype development. It's just my own idiosyncrasy that I love certain cans but one the complete functionality of the base. Finally I might use the base transceiver for multiple ins and outs. I'm a musician and currently do that with a mixer.
My fantasy is the EC connectivity with wireless to a base device but multiple connections like a mixer telephone multiple computers etc. any ideas out there?

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