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Decisions decisions.... Ath M50x, Philips Fidelio X2, Sennheiser Hd8 dj and Beyerdynamic DT770

  1. Malfunkt
    Great to hear about your gaming experiences with the HD8. I'm a big fan of the Battlefield series, BF1 has such incredible audio. If you get an opportunity to try Sennheiser HD700 , they pretty much make you feel like you are completely in the game. Some of the best imaging for binaural audio I've heard. especially for the price.
  2. Deoee
    I'm looking forward to try some more high end cans someday but currently it's out of the question :)
  3. kylea
    Do you have a WOOX pair of X2s?
  4. Deoee
    Now owning the Hifiman HE-400i and... wow. Fantastic.
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  5. Mr Makarov
    Saw your post on HE400i thread
     I was very interested in Senn HD8 dj.. also got HE400i and it is pretty good (love the clarity). So...how HD8 compares to HE400i ?I remember it was nearly impossible for me to listen to Fidelio X2 after HE400i
    (looking to replace my Denon D600 in near future - all I tried failed badly so far)
  6. Deoee

    The DJ8 feel like the polar opposite.
    Not so comfortable, deep and punchy bass, recessed mids and highs...

    They are a great pairing of you are the guy to switch up headphones once in a while.

    I can write more when I'm not on mobile anymore.

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