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Deciding on a custom IEM

  1. rubytuesday007
    Hey all. I am in the market again for a new custom IEM. Back in the day, I had a pair of Westone ES3X phones. How does one decide these days? So many options! I am looking at JH, Westone, and UE. Looking to spend about $1k-ish. Since you really can't listen to them, I'd love to hear opinions. I am strictly a music listener, not a performer. Just high quality audio. Thanks all!

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  2. Ivabign
    Maybe do some research into the 1964 Ears V6S - unfortunately it doesn't cost a grand - but sounds like it [​IMG]
    I can appreciate your looking at local companies (USA) as you are in the states - can be a positive when shipping and timing are factors to be considered in addition to excellent sound.
  3. rubytuesday007
    Thanks for the reply. I'll look into the 1964's.

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