deciding between two cables for HD600...
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Hi All,

I want to buy a cable replacement for my HD600, and I have read that the Cardas cable has excellent synergy but I have difficulty justifying $222 for a cable upgrade especially given my setup (see sig) and the potential for me to not hear any significant differences.

That being said, I do want to upgrade the cable if anything to have a 1/4" termination without an adapter, and also for aesthetic/practical reasons.

QQQ has a DIY cable for sale here that looks good, for a good price as well. Cardas connectors, Canare Star Quad, and a Canare F-16. EDIT: reread that old thread...okay so they are a bit different but Orpheus believes there shouldn't be too many differences in this cable between the various star quads... it worth buying the $222 Cardas, or would I be better off saving a bit, and going with QQQ's cable? Thank you all for the advice!

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Canare star quad is not guaranteed to be as high purity as Cardas's quad cable. Then again, at $222, you could get a nice moon, SAA, or Apuresound cable. Keep shopping.

edit: at $70, can't go wrong though, help a headfier out.
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Originally Posted by scootermafia /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Canare star quad is not guaranteed to be as high purity as Cardas's quad cable. Then again, at $222, you could get a nice moon, SAA, or Apuresound cable. Keep shopping.

edit: at $70, can't go wrong though, help a headfier out.

mm that's what im leaning towards
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I'd ask QQQ to replace that Canare with a Furutech plug and add some sheething on it. And offer $90 for it.
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Originally Posted by vcoheda /img/forum/go_quote.gif
cardas or equinox would both be great choices for the HD600. of course they are both more expensive than a diy cable.

of course - but im wondering if there's a huge difference between cardas and a canare based cable...and what those sound differences would be - and what either could add to the HD600...and if the difference provided by cardas is really worth $222
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well one would be less crosstalk (hopefully) in the cardas cable; whereas the starquad can be prone to it when used for a stereo cable (especially a long one.). $70 is pretty good value though.
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is that right? how noticeable of an effect is crosstalk? im sure any cable i get would be an improvement over the stock though right?

also i saw some mention of a Fidelity Audio cable - any comparisons? i saw some in one thread, but am wondering if there are any other opinions

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yes thats right; depending on how bad it is and how long the cable is, absolutely its noticeable. dacs and amps already have a small amount of crosstalk generally; unless you are using a dac that has separate dacs for each channel, discrete output stage and a dual monoblock amp. but generally if well designed its kept to a minimum. but weaving/twisting signals in a cable without shielding the channels from each other contributes to the problem. the result is kinda like mild crossfeed; so I guess it could add to the soundstage

all that being said, I dont want to talk you out of QQQ's cable, as I think he does good work and what can you expect of a $70 cable. to avoid the problem you either have to use a cable that is designed for a stereo signal (generally thicker and chunky) or get a custom, purpose made cable, which takes a lot more time and becomes expensive.
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For what it's worth, I have the Cardas and Blue Dragon cables for my HD-600 and HD-650. I've mixed up both pairs with those and the stock cables.

Damned if I could hear a difference. I do like the construction and build quality of the aftermarket cables, but they didn't change the sound.

If you're looking for an upgrade, I'd put that $200 or so towards a better amp, pick up a used turntable, or something else that would provide actual results.
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Is there any problem with the original stock one, it cost only $11.00...just my tow cents...
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all right - i think i am going to buy QQQ's cable for the following reasons:

1) price
2) i dislike the current cable more because of its a bit unkempt, i'd prefer a true 1/4" termination versus an attachment, and for aesthetic reasons
3) a few people hear no differences, a few hear a big difference...this upgrade should be right in the middle doing something noticeable at least
4) canare seems compatible enough with the rest of my equipment and most likely a step up from the current cable
5) i want to support a fellow head-fi-er

however before i decide for sure, does anyone have more info on Rick Warren and Fidelity Audio? i've only seen a few reviews...

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