Deciding between Sony's MDR-ZX770BN or Plantronics' BackBeat Pros
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New Head-Fier
Sep 9, 2015
I need a headphone that is wireless, and isolates that sound well since I will be listening to music through my phone or computer in the office. I want a closed system as to not disterb others around me and while I am at it, it wouldn't hurt to have noise cancellation for when I travel by plane. I like the around ear design for all day comfort and better sound quality compared to on-ear. Thus I have concluded on either the MDR-ZX770BN or BackBeat Pros. I have done LOTs of research and found they have been rated pretty much the same. On one end I side with the Sony's for providing a better name in headphones in comparison to Plantronics and also for the fact that it is almost half the weight of the BackBeat Pros. But on the other end I side with the BackBeat Pros because they have great features like 24 hour battery life, extended bluetooth connection (330+ft?!). Some say the sound on the Sony's is a bit better but overall the tech sites give the backbeat pros just a bit ahead of the Sony's, but everyone I talked to say they know Sony's brand in headphones and to go with that. It may just come down to personal preference and I may just need to try both for a while and then return the one that I like less but before I do that I wanted to check with you guys. 

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