Decent Step Down from BJC
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Feb 24, 2009
For my computer-based setup (cable box, PS Audio DAC, Heed headphone amp, TV card, A/B switch), I need to buy 6 RCA's (including two RCA-to-mini's) totaling 55 feet based on the physical layout (which cannot be altered). So I need some cabling that is reasonable in price, at least to get up and running. I'm considering Blue Jeans based on the recommendations in this forum. Going even cheaper (but not DIY), does anyone have any opinions? I'd like to get something better than a $1 generic patch cords, but perhaps less expensive than BJC. Or, is anything lower than BJC basically equivalent to a $1 patch cord? I've tenatively decided on Dayton (about 1/2 BJC's cost) at here: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I was just about to recommend DIY then re-read your post more carefully.

How about commissioning a set of cables from a member here? A number build cables and should know the best options for you. Also, when you're dealing with one person, you can get precisely the lengths you need. If a run has to be six feet and five inches, you can get exactly that. It'll make for a neater, more professional looking installation.
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Well, that's an interesting possibility. I don't know if anyone would actually want to do it for less than what BJC would charge (roughly $300). Maybe I should just break down. One conern with BJC's is how stiff they are, given that they use coax. Is it as stiff as cable tv type wire? My physical setup requires some pretty sharp turns, not big sweeping one foot bends. For instance, for my A/B switch, I need to do a 180 u-turn with a bend of about 3-4".

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