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Decent earphone for 100$ ?

  1. misterfresh
    I bought some Fischer Audio earphones a year or two ago, I think it was the Eterna, based on advice I got here.
    I've been quite satisfied with the purchase, the sound is great for the price.
    Sadly the left speaker is not working anymore, probably a problem with the cable.
    So I'm back here to ask the experts for some advice on which earphones I should get as a replacement.
    Budget is around 100$. 
    I'm almost considering buying the same model again, it was very decent except for the average build quality.
  2. misterfresh
    No one ?
  3. royhendo
    Hi mate - I'd get on the For Sale forum on here and watch it like a cat at a mousehole till you find a deal you like. Best value you tend to get IMO. People on here always tire of their earphones and want to try other ones. 
    Good luck!
  4. misterfresh
    Thanks for the advice. Not sure if it applies for in-ear phones though. A bit like buying used underwear no? Thinking of getting the RHA MA750i at the moment. Work gets boring fast without headphones!
  5. royhendo
    Yes it applies just as much - people sanitise their ear pieces and you get replacement tips for that very reason. :) 
    Worth a look. 
  6. luberconn
    if you don't want to go used, look at the Dunu Titan1 or Zero Audio Duoza.  those two seem to be getting rave reviews and are said to punch well above their price.  i think the titan1 are going to be my next purchase.  best prices are on ebay.
  7. Ivabign
    You know, the Sennheiser Momentum - in ear is a nice phone at this price point. Also has 2 year warranty.
  8. misterfresh
    Thanks. I could not wait longer and pulled the trigger with the RHA MA750i. Other options are interesting but have limited availability where I live. The second hand option could be interesting to try premium phones at a bargain, will consider it next time.
  9. Grayson73

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