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Debating on whether to procure a 2013 Mac Pro for music streaming, etc.

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by The Socialist Nerd, Apr 14, 2019.
  1. The Socialist Nerd
    As I do more content creation I am enjoying the interface for the old school Mac Pro the more I use my MacBook Pro. I am curious if anyone here has one here and uses one for high-end audiophile playback? (I could build another PC but the elegant form factor would fit in well with my equipment...)
  2. nordkapp
    Why are you a socialist?
  3. The Socialist Nerd
    That's an answer best answered in another part of the forum but I don't see a political section here.
  4. nordkapp
    Haha. I'm just messing with you man. I dont want to talk politics either. Welcome to Headfi..
  5. The Socialist Nerd
    Thanks... I was looking at the Mac Pro because it is a small form factor but granted folks don't like the fact that it is not with updated parts. However, Tidal high-resolution streaming isn't going to need the latest Intel i9 processor to decode (this probably would be more of an internet bandwidth issue) the stream.

    Which is why I like iTunes. It's very well-encoded and honestly I like supporting the artists with the full price of the album with a fair value.
  6. nordkapp
    I'm a windows/PC guy so I probably will not be of much help to you. However, I try to air on the side of SOTA, if for nothing else to remain current and future proof. I use JRiver for PC playback. My 2 cents-get the PRO, if its within budget.
  7. The Socialist Nerd
    I am also a Windows guy too :D. But I use Apple for future Xcode work and most likely my clients will be asking me for iOS apps.
    Apart from the Mac Pro, I am planning to rebuild my PC gaming rig and repurposing it back for music usage especially when I will be doing more video game design and less streaming :).

    The Mac Pro does look to be way more portable to lug to the office but looking at other possibilities too.
  8. nordkapp
    Then get the latest bad ass processor you can find with SSD. Once I did that, laptops as source became adequate for HP listening. Nothing beats a dedicated player though.
  9. The Socialist Nerd
    I am finding that out pretty rapidly. As much as laptops and desktops have become our source of easy playback (nodding to either my MBP or Surface Book 2 15), I am leaning to getting a DAP for portable and at-home listening since electronic components from other parts of the computer can run interference with my DAC and/or headphones. It's going to be a slow process because my focus is trying to find a house and slowly ease away from my apartment over the next year or so.
  10. nordkapp
    Yup. Sounds pretty much like what I went through too. You'll get there. Keep working hard!
  11. global communication
    I have a MacBook Air and its fab! Its very light and can run multiple music programs without a problem. It also has 2 s USB 3, headphone/ Optical Out and an SD car slot..
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
  12. The Socialist Nerd
    Very nice... I do like my MacBook Pro 15 but probably will need a desktop Mac to run stuff at home while I leave my MBP on the mobile... The hardest aspect is that Tidal doesn't allow for offline downloading onto laptops but only mobile devices :\
  13. global communication
    I just noticed that tidal doesn't allow downloading on laptops. Its not a problem for me generally as I just tether my phone to my laptop. 4g @150mps. = :L3000:

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