Deal Alert: Beyerdynamic Headphones at B & H Photo!!!!!
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Brokerage is the fee they charge for clearing the customs, you will still pay the applicable taxes, as well as taxes on the brokerage fees. For example, I received a 77$CAN package recently, it costs 20$ in shipping. Unfortunately, they chose UPS standard. So, in addition to the 10$ in taxes, UPS charge a 30$ brokerage fee, and an additional 4$ taxes on the fee. In comparaison, IF Canada Post decides to tax your package, they will charge a 5$ brokerage fee, no matter the value of the package, plus taxes. Luckily, they don't charge taxes on low value packages, and, often, some larger value ones pass through untaxed.
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Thanks for posting this. We know shipping to Canada can be pricey and we've begun a new Internat'l Customer Satisfaction initiative to explore reliable but inexpensive options. Frankly I much prefer UPS. We don't use their ground service, so brokerage is included. They're faster and their online package tracking is a lot better than USPS, and if a parcel is mislaid en route they're more cooperative and speedier about resolving the problem.

I completely agree with your comments and have had two USPS/Canada Post "deliveries" earlier this year where I had video proof that the driver(s) never attempted deliveries!  That, plus 10 days in Canada Customs -  both times, are reasons why I would not recommend USPS/Canada Post to anyone.  
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Even Amazon has them for $250 now.  I guess Amazon corp thought aloud "Heh, we can't beat B&H prices, so let's just copy what they do and try to hold our own" 
It took Amazon 5 months to realize that with their DT990/600's when B&H was slapping amazon around with their incredible deals, but now it took them only a few days to adapt to the environment with the B&H 880/600 prices. I guess they're stepping their game up nowadays to compensate for their lack of beyerdynamic sales -_-
lol, this drama is too good. brb, making popcorn. 
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I actually wish the deals on the dt880/600 were not this good. I am strongly considering selling mine, and now the ceiling just got lowered on me.

I am convinced that i will just never love the dt880 like i do the dt990. I know, that makes me, like, so unkewl... :wink:
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so you gonna sell the DT880/600's because of your newly acquired beyer T1? heh, I pretty much agree since it is.. after all.. an improved DT880

how does the T1 pair with the Woo Audio 6?? Is it treating you right?

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More of those Area-51 private messages, eh TheWuss? I shall be patiently waiting !
maybe even a 3-Way with the Zombster? (No homo , of course)

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This 990/600 price is so incredible, I snatched up a pair this week, even though my 880/600s aren't even a month old! But I had to find out what the 990 bass would be like for organ music. And Wuss's exuberance for the 990s had me intrigued... :)
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just be sure to give them time to open up.
i don't know the degree of burn-in that actually happens to the phones, and the degree that happens between our ears...
but, the dt990's presentation improved, and improved, and improved to me, as i listened to them.
they are a spicey meatball!
but, i can't listen to led zeppelin without them.
they aren't for everyone...  but here's hopin' you dig 'em!

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For sure... I've heard the 880s improve rather dramatically since I got them.

The 990s bass really adds another dimension. Looking forward to hearing them settle in.

And, not to derail this thread, but you might be the only one I've noticed that has both of these and the T1. I'd be very interested in how you'd describe the T1 bass compared to these two. Perhaps you've already done so elsewhere and can just steer me there?

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no...  i actually haven't posted anything on this, yet...
i plan to.
in terms of bass quantity?
it goes in this order:
in terms of bass quality?
i'm not sure the T1 is ahead.  i'd actually give that to the dt990 still.  (by a nose)
but the T1 wins in just about every other department.
I find it interesting that T1 is warmer than dt880.
to me, it fixes all the issues i have with dt880. 
but, it doesn't make my dt990 redundant...   dt990, after all, is not a neutral phone. 

i dunno...  gotta do some more listening... 

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Are your T1s fairly new then? About how many hours would you guess on them?
I just started a thread on this topic, rather than muddy up this one. 


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