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DC Area Meet - April 7th, 2018 hosted by Gramophone

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  1. Silverion77

    Come join the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia headphone enthusiasts for an awesome meet hosted by Gramophone in Gaithersburg. We're looking forward to showcase some fantastic local gear to kick off Spring. Not to mention you can go check out the Gramophone showroom!

    8513 Grovemont Circle
    Gaithersburg, MD 20877

    Technically using the meeting/office space to the left of the store. We'll be sure to point people in the right direction.

    Saturday, April 7th
    10:30AM - 5PM

    Feel free to show up when able! People will be there starting as early as 10 to start setting up.

    Let us know if you will be attending and what you will bring! Nevertheless, always feel free to come as you are and try what there is to offer! We're always happy to meet new enthusiasts!
    As always, power strips and extension cords are more than welcome (load up the car!) and we'll be looking for some additional folding tables and chairs if you can spare.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    Attending: (Updating...)

    Gramophone: Focal & Audeze Headphones (Utopia, LCD4, LCD3, etc.), Meridian Prime Amp & PSU, McIntosh Headamp, Questyle amps
    ampsandsound: Kenzie, Mogwai SE amps
    Schiit: Yggdrasil Dacs; A-B comparison station w/ Analog v1 and v2 Yggdrasils
    LTA: some goodies from Willsw

    Silverion77: ECP Torpedo III, E-MU Teak, Oppo PM-3, Grado HF-2, Fostex T-X0, Beyerdynamic DT880-600, 4 chairs
    Soekris 1541, ZMF Eikon
    Tommyhtc: KGSSHV Carbon, Stax 009, Stax 007 mkII, stuff?
    Sheldaze: EC Balancing Act, Liquid Carbon X, MassDrop MCTH, Metrum Acoustics Onyx
    dcguy73: RME ADI-2 Pro, Euphony Audio PTS server, Beyerdynamic Amiron, HFM HE1000v2
    lcasadonte: Lynx Hilo, Onkyo DP X1, 64 Audio Tia Fourte, Chord Hugo 2, Beyerdynamic T5P
    Superduke: Hifiman Susvara, <insert 300B tube amp here>
    Medicake: Hifiman HE-6, Schiit Ragnarok
    Psal: Dangerous Source
    Kendavis: Yggys, Cavalli Liquid Gold, Focal Utopia
    PropelledWolf: EL-8, iSine20, Fiio E10k, O2 amp, q1 mk1
    Verscott: Monoprice 560, Philips SHP9500, Monoprice Modern Retro, Aune 51, Schiit Stack, FX Audio X6
    Hirsch: Sennheiser HE90 and ES1!
    Chaz_flhr: WA7d, Micro iDSD BL, Pro iCAN, Aeon Closed, Pandora Hope V
    ra990: Hugo 2, V30, Focal Utopia, HFM Sundara
    ceeloChamp: AudioQUest Nighthawk Carbon, Campfire Audio Andromeda/Vega, Rhapsodio Galaxy V2, AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, Ibasso DX200
    Billheiser: AQ NightOwl, Focal Elear, Fostex TH-X00 Mahog, Moon Neo230HAD
    WilliamWykeham: Blu Mk2, DAVE, HE1000
    ToonMechaMan: Chord Hugo 2, Oppo HA-2, HD800 SDR w/ Black Dragon Cable & MDR-Z1R w/ Sony Kimber cable
    Eudisld15: Laptop w/ Tidal, Schiit Jot w/ DAC, Custom Nighthawk, "Rudis" O and C v1 & v2 prototypes, Fiio F9 Pro, ZMF Blackwood, Senn HD580
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
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  2. Silverion77
    Meet Rules
    1. Please treat fellow head-fiers and their gear with the utmost care and respect.
    2. Please don't unplug headphones without asking permission from the owners first.
    3. Please don't turn anything on or off without asking permission first.
    4. Please don't move anyone's gear from their established area without asking permission.
    5. Absolutely no food and drink will be allowed near any equipment including your own.
    6. Please have courtesy and ensure that your hands are CLEAN before handling others' equipment.
    7. Be mindful of the time you are spending listening to others’ gear especially if there are others waiting in line.
    8. Be mindful of personal hygiene. DO NOT use hair gel or other product that may damage or stain a headband or earpads.

    Also, don't forget those power strips (and tables)!!!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  3. gandhisfist
    Will be here, undecided on what I will bring, but likely just my dac1541 and an eikon
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  4. tommyhtc
    gandhisfist, if you'll be bringing them, will be looking forward to hearing the prototypes again(closed version), as well as maybe he6/k1000?
    You haven't brought those to any meets in a while?

    I'm also undecided on what exactly I'm bringing. I know I'm gonna at least bring a bunch of my stax headphones.
    Since if @willsw shows up, I do wanna compare them to the voce again.

    If anyone is interested in hearing a bunch of other stuff, like some audio technica woodies, I can bring some of those as well.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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  5. sheldaze
    I can bring chairs too @Silverion77, if these will help?
    I have potentially three amplifiers inbound to me between now and the time of the meet. So I too will need to update my post, when I know what I'll have:
    • Eddie Current Balancing Act
    • MassDrop Liquid Carbon X
    • MassDrop MCTH
    • Metrum Acoustics Onyx
    • Schiit Lyr 3
    See you there!
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
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  6. dcguy73
    I'm looking forward to this! It will be my first DC-area HeadFi meet.

    I will bring:
    • RME ADI-2 Pro
    • Euphony Audio PTS music server (if there is WiFi available at Gramophone)
    • Beyerdynamic Amiron Home
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
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  7. dcguy73
    What are the five songs mentioned in #9 above?
  8. Silverion77
    Good catch. It seems to have been lost over the years of copy and pasting :laughing:
    Also, let me check with the wifi, but I'm pretty sure we'll have it.

    Certainly will be helpful if we get some additional tables. There are 2 additional office rooms that we can fill with 2 tables & a set of chairs (plus chairs in the main room).
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  9. Silverion77
    Also I'm super stoked to try out the 1541 and RME ADI-2!!
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  10. lcasadonte
    Thanks I intend to make it as well. I could bring my lynx hilo with my mobile equipment (onkyo dpx1,tia fourte's, hugo2) and beyer t5p's. Thanks for organizing look forward to seeing everyone!
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  11. gandhisfist
    I'll see if I can, the dac1541 can't drive them and I'm unsure of whether I want to bring my larger setup or not.
  12. SuperDuke
    I will likely bring the Susvara and an amp that can drive it (maybe a 300B).
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  13. sheldaze
    I have been surprised and pleased by how good the entry level amplifiers are from Schiit. Yet I remain optimistic and curious how the products from MassDrop will fare against these.
    I updated my post with what I plan to bring, assuming the delivery schedules are on target.
  14. Medicake
    I'll be there, right now I'm thinking I'll just bring HE-6 and my Ragnarok
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  15. Psalmanazar
    If I attend, I'll bring the Dangerous Source.
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