DC Area Head-Fi Meet - Sunday, December 4, 2016
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  ... I felt like I could reach around and almost see the back side of each sound. I was no longer looking at just the front of a fuzzy, pixilated sound, but could sense the size and shape, and depth in full high resolution detail. Unfortunately this likely reads as gibberish, but it is how I heard it.

When a system is really clicking, I get a similar sense too. I feel it's recreating the space with three-dimensional 'images' instead of cardboard cutouts.
  The experience had me talking about the filter and FPGA software through the evening. I was wondering, what are they doing in recreating the sound from the FLAC. I truly was hearing more, and was curious if the Dave was spitting out garbage, which it was making up? Adding notes between the notes, which weren't originally there? Or is that original sound truly there in the recording?

Whatever it is that makes it happen, I don't care - I like it!
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Dec 25, 2016
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I finally heard the DAVE last weekend. It's a good DAC, but I walked away thinking what on earth is everyone going on about. I told @sheldaze when I got home, I heard my setup of Holo Spring L3 (Nicely burned in by the time I got back) --> Liquid Gold --> Utopia and I honestly did not hear a single thing at CanJam that sounded as good. Not the DAVE, not the Shangri-La, not the Orpheus HE-1, not Stax 009 on Blue Hawaii, not Abyss on Woo WA5...

Sound awesome!!!... but am I right in estimating that's about a $10K set up? I would so love to hear that DAC and that amp together, but I'm scared I may like it too much!
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