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  1. kendavis
    That would be good. That proved to be an excellent venue. Let me know what you find about availability.

    Looks like a lot of weekends are available. The time we were there on a Sunday we followed the Yoga class without a problem as that ends at 11:00 a.m. Last weekend in July, first two weekends in August would be best for me as I will have to secure the keys to the place, open and close, etc.
  3. kendavis
    I can't do the last weekend in July but either of the first two weekends in August are good for me. Let me confirm the availability of the SchiitKit before proceeding. I'll get back soon.
  4. 100VoltTube
    I'll only be available the second week in August (I'm pretty sure), if that helps you any.
  5. gandhisfist
    Hey all, 2nd to last weekend in July I'll be going to a meet in pittsburgh at Music To My Ear that a friend of mine has organized. I was sad to have missed the last local meet, was wondering if anyone was available for this upcoming first weekend in July for a meet (either the 1st or 2nd). If anyone is interested I can get in touch with some our gracious local vendors to try to set something up.
  6. kendavis
    I personally can't do first weekend in July (a holiday weekend). Would you be interested/available for 2nd weekend in August, or is that too far away.
  7. gandhisfist
    I should be available and I am certainly interested.
  8. sheldaze
    At the moment, I can do any weekend that does not have a solar eclipse :wink:
  9. kendavis
    Can you post a list of weekends that have solar eclipses? More specifically, how's the second weekend in August?
  10. sheldaze
    Sorry about that :)

    The Eclipse is August 21 - so any travel time would most certainly knock me out from going to a meet on 19-20.
  11. kendavis
    But the second weekend in August is the 12th and 13th and you will be available for that?
  12. sheldaze
    Good weekend, yes!
  13. kendavis
    I'm just waiting for Schiit to confirm the availability of the Schiit Kit for that weekend.
  14. willsw
    Finally getting around to seeing which threads I'm no longer subscribed to. Here's one!

    The Schiit Kit meet sounds great, I'll need to see if that thing I have in August is on that weekend.

    I've mentioned to a few, I think, that I wanted to plan a large meet with several vendors and whatever else I could pull for sometime around September, but I've decided not to in order to maximize the chances of the Capital Audio Fest finally getting a really good headphone room.
  15. thyname
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