DC Area Head-Fi Meet - January 13, 2018

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  1. tommyhtc
    Certainly looking forward to listening to the gsx again tomorrow.
    Would anyone be able to bring a pair of ZMF eikons/atticus?

    Also, since I anticipate this to be a relatively quiet meet, it will probably be a great chance to listen to some schiit dacs. Would anyone be bringing along something like a bimby/gumby?
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  2. h2rulz
    Despite possibly conflicting plans, being so close to my place, I'll try my best to be there even if it's just for an hour.

    If I do attend I will bring,
    • Audio GD Master 11
    • HD800 (SDR)
    • LCD3f
  3. edgeworth
    Been out of circulation for awhile and eager to hear and see the new stuff that's available. Is it OK if I take photos to remind myself of what's what?
  4. sheldaze
    I can do, though...you'll see when it's there, the connections are very different.

    I can bring Bimby, though hadn't thought of anything to plug it into. More just keeping for the Vali/Magni/etc. comparisons I planned to do once MassDrop completes their builds.

    There will be an impressions thread. Definitely take some pictures, and post impressions in the new thread! Glad to have you back on board!
  5. Billheiser
    Edit: Oh, it was Saturday, not Sunday. Sorry - never mind!

    50% chance I'll attend. Good location for me, just have to juggle other stuff. If attend, I will bring Moon NEO 230HAD, with Elear and TH-X00. Maybe also Bimby with or without Valhalla2
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  6. sheldaze
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