DC Area Head-Fi Meet and End-of-Summer SchiitStorm! - August 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland!


Will you come with equipment and will you be joining us for Dinner/Happy hour afterwards?

Poll closed Monday at 7:16 PM.
  1. Just coming to check out all of the goodies, no dinner/happy hour for me.

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  2. Just coming to check out all of the goodies and will be coming to dinner/happy hour, too!

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  3. Bringing my own gear, but no dinner/happy hour for me.

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  4. Bringing my own gear and will be coming to the dinner/happy hour, too!

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  1. Billheiser

    I will soon list some used gear on Craigslist. Before I do, if y'all DC Head-Fier's are interested, you can have them for nearly nothing.

    bookshelf speakers: B&W DM 601, with stands
    vintage Nakamichi RE-2 receiver (edit: Sold)
    Cambridge Audio A300 integrated amp
    Sony ST-JX3 analog tuner
    Pro-Ject Phono Box S.

    (Apologies for off-topic)
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  2. tommyhtc
    Thanks for the update, that's unfortunate for the estats amp. Will anyone be bringing an estats amp? I remember someone mentioned one of the guys in the area owns a BHSE.
  3. 100VoltTube
    Now you tell me. I have all the parts for a transformer box for driving electrostatic headphones sitting on my floor awaiting construction.

    Oh well. Maybe at the next meet .
  4. willsw
    The Es will be living at our shop for a while - build that box and stop by any weekday.
  5. kendavis
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    (Sorry for the confusion, folks, the above thread link inadvertently directs you to the wrong sub-directory. Below link is correct and we will move comments already made to it shortly!)

    In accordance with Head-Fi forum protocol, the above event was held (with great success!) and comments and impressions will now be open in a new thread here -


    Thanks to Schiit, iFi Audio and AGPtek for sponsoring and supporting what turned out to be a terrific get together of the Head-Fi Mid-Atlantic audiophile community!
  7. kamitaji
    I really enjoyed the event. Everyone was very friendly & welcoming (with one tiny exception). Many thanks to those who shared their headphones, equipment and knowledge. Schiit showed up in force, so they won my enthusiastic word-of-mouth & my own future purchases.
    The star of the show: the coolest thing I saw was tiny DIY amps in AltoidS boxes. Same nice guy also had an awesome big solid state amp!
    What I learned: I was surprised how heavenly the Audeze headphones were - wow! I just wish they were lighter. Second, I changed my opinion about the Sennheiser HD600 after a quick lesson from a learned dude. The HD600 are not hopelessly veiled as I thought. Even the much maligned HD700 sounded great when hooked to Schiit amps.
    Finally, the event was refreshingly free from audio snake oil (fantabulous claims that defy physics).
  8. Mav.
    Yeah the weight is my many complaint about my Audeze LCD-3's, after an hour or two I really start to feel the weight, and it gets uncomfortable to me. My HD700's on the other hand I'm able to wear all day.

    I have heard a lot of criticism towards the HD700's but decided to buy them anyway when I saw them on Massdrop. I've only ever used them with my Schiit Bifrost and Jotunhiem, and think they sound fantastic. I guess it's just a good pairing. Was too busy trying all the other headphones I had never tried before so I didn't get to hear them on other amps.

    I'm definitely considering buying one if the Altoids amps. Currently my mobile setup is just IE800's plugged directly into my phone, so it would be a nice upgrade. I also think it would just be awesome to pull out an Altoids container in public, plug your phone and IEM's into it, and see everyone's reaction.
  9. kendavis

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