DC Area Head-Fi Meet and End-of-Summer SchiitStorm! - August 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland! - IMPRESSIONS

  1. RCBinTN
    I must say, that 6-pack HP carrying case is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. What a great idea!
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  2. Starcruncher
    I had a few good conversations here at my first meet. And I heard Utopia. Game over. Thanks, Jeff! (I'll never be truly happy again)
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  3. xrk971
    Yes, carbon fiber, beryllium, neodymium, oxygen free copper, calf leather, wispy metal strands of golden hair from Goddesses on Mt Olympia, and an unbelievable directnesss and immediacy of sound. What's not to like? Utopia's were definitely all the rage at this meet.
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  4. Maelob
    Man I just missed it, never been to a meet before and I will be in the area for one more month, hopefully there's another one soon. I have the Z1r with a Grace Design M9xx I can bring.
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  5. Psalmanazar
    A little loud but nice location! I got to try all of the Schiit tube amps again but missed out on trying the IFI gear. None of the Schiits were really my thing with all of them being rather bassy and the Valhalla 2 displaying noticeable grain.
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    I wrote a thank you to iFi Audio for letting us have the iCAN and the iDSDs to demo and they said that they will likely send some more of their product line to demo the next time we host a meet. Stay tuned!
  7. Mont mont
    This was my first meet and I was very impressed by all the gear on display. @PJABBER I enjoyed dinner with Steve, you and Yaling.
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  8. SuperDuke
    Trying to keep track of local meets. My guess is no meets coming up before CAF in NOV?
    We've discussed having our next meet at the Shirlington Library in Arlington, Virginia, but no date has been set.

    The Capital Audiofest (www.capitalaudiofest.com) running November 3-5 in Rockville, MD does look to have a number of interesting audio vendors to check out, might tide us over until 2018. Not a free event though - $20 daily, $30 full weekend ticketing.
  10. willsw
    The topic of discounted tickets has come up before, especially for students. Personally, I think $30 for a couple of days of listening to great systems and chatting with like-minded folks is a pretty good deal. I know Gary Gill and Paul Elliot are working hard to make CAF more accessible and inviting.
  11. SuperDuke
    Sounds good. Hope to see people at CAF if not sooner. I'll stay tuned.
  12. xrk971
    That doesn't sound too bad for pricing, hope I can make it. Will it be a bigger gathering than the recent Schiitfest?
  13. Mav.
    I have never heard of the Capital Audiofest before. Could anyone give me a rough idea of what type of gear, and environment I could expect if I attended?
  14. kendavis
    It's this: http://www.capitalaudiofest.com/

    It will have a large headphone meet called CanMania as a part of it.
  15. willsw
    It is confirmed that students with ID and active military will get in to CAF free.
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