DC Area Head-Fi Meet and End-of-Summer SchiitStorm! - August 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland! - IMPRESSIONS

  1. kendavis
    A good crowd, a good venue, and a good time. More pictures and comments to follow. Please post yours here...
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  2. willsw
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  3. willsw
    Enjoyed meeting some new people at this meet, and the venue was great. Thanks to @PJABBER and @kendavis again. We forgot to give away the t-shirts we brought to give away, so we'll have to find some other time to do that. Thanks to @schneller for helping Ken rescue the lost Mjolnir tube. Some great gear built by the people who brought it, and I enjoyed XRK Audio's solid-state amps and Dillon's big table of tube stuff.
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  5. PropelledWolf
    So, I snagged the AGPTEK Rocker, and I must say I am really digging it! So this is my first impression comment/post or whatever this is ever, so I am gonna go over the physical attributes and then the aural.

    Physical features:
    Very solid made metal body, definitely sturdy and a cool black color scheme. The interface comes with 4 buttons assembled in a ring, and a large selection button in the middle of those four. Utilizes a micro-usb 2.0 and a 3.5mm audio jack and it can support an external dac/amp, so it is well featured that way and can also support up to a 256 gigabyte SD card, I am using a 64gig one though, full of FLAC.

    Sound wise:
    I am surprised! I usually use my galaxy s5 with blackplayer and sometimes combine my e10k with otg, but I was surprised how this player sounds. Using my t50rps with ZMF's cowhide pads on high gain, I heard and felt an audible boost to the low end while still retaining clarity. I was surprised that it could even power a headphone such as the t50rps due to their higher impedence. I then tested them out with my SHP9500, and while I observed an audible bass boost again, I hear more clarity and detailing in the music than I had expected. Then I move on to my se-215, and I only noticed a good amount of clarity and detailing as well. Across the board I felt like it adds some warmth to the sound without sacrificing details and clarity which is something I have been astounded by. I also hooked them up to my car on the drive back, just to play with them, and while they're not amazing speakers, they're decent, and maybe it was just placebo effect, but I really did enjoy the result on the drive back.

    The songs I used were:
    Beautiful World-Tennyson
    Who am I-Esta Tonne
    Hurt-Johnny Cash
    Largo, From the New World- Antonin Dvorak
    Redbone-Childish Gambino
    And a bunch more I forgot to list

    So overall, I really am enjoying this DAP and I can't wait to use it around campus and see what else it is potential of. I think it's a fantastic DAP solution for any budget audiophiles and anyone in college who needs something with form factor and ease of use. Thanks @PJABBER ! You're the best!

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