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dBtubes Review - Will do business with again !

  1. jasfinkelstein
    Great website, good inventory and fast response. Talk to David over the phone if you need anything, great friendly guy and knows whats he's talking about! Have been buying from these guys for a while and will continue. Sometimes a little more expensive then some e-bay deals but at least reliable and stable not to forget has a huge inventory that apparently has just grown!!
  2. Rob1974
    I am currently having problems with these guys. I bought a pair of 6dj8's and I am certain that I didn't choose the express delivery but I got charged $60 for shipping! I emailed immediately when I received my invoice but got nothing back for a few days, then it was as if they didn't believe me, I mean why would anyone pay that amount for shipping, it is almost more than the valves?? They have offered me a credit note but not put it into my account and they are now not responding to my emails, the valves are stuck in customs which I would have expected those costs to be included in the extortionate shipping price. The whole experience has left a bitter taste for me and I will not buy from them again, if I get the credit note, they can shove it!
    There is another dBtubes Thread on this forum which is now, oddly locked which has a few unhappy customers, funny how that thread is locked and this one is still active....

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