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dBtubes - Feedback

  1. Sesam
    Vendor feedback thread
    dBtubes  - http://www.dbtubes.com/
    I haven't seen any previous threads about this vendor, so here is my experiences with them: 
    dBtubes has a site with a good layout, with good prices and a huge inventory. But on a whole my experience with them was negative. I ordered matched tubes, the shipping was slow (I think that was out of their control however), but when I received the tubes none of them were marked or paired in any way (so they probably never got matched). 
    Also the condition of the tubes were below my expectations, I understand "NOS" tubes may show signs of age. But the ones I received were in very rough shape, looked like they had been stored in a damp and moldy warehouse for too long. Patina and rust, the bases dirty and miscolored, and the boxes in generally rough shape.
    However I might just have been unlucky, so I figured to give them another chance.. But this time I wanted to make sure that they really have matched pairs available of the tubes I wanted to buy (as the last time I had paid for matching, but just recieved loose tubes), so I sent them an email.. and yet to this day no reply [​IMG]
  2. dbtubes
    dBtubes - feedback
    We are very concerned by your posting, and would appreciate the opportunity to put things right – please get in touch with us by email at : radioman@dbtubes.com , by phone in Québec to (418) 877-1316, or by mail to our address : David Boardman, dBtubes, 10 Lemaistre, Sainte-Foy, G2G 1B4, Québec.
    We have checked our client database for the twelve month period ending 21 October 2011 (date of your posting). Since we ship to all continents, we checked also our clients in Sweden (country of origin of your complaint) for this same period, and have so far been unable to identify you. Please get back to us.
    David Boardman
  3. 24phun
    Three weeks after placing an order from this merchant, I finally received a Raytheon 6sN7WGT.
    No box. Tube was filthy and grundgy.
    Half the tube (one channel) does not work. Supposedly NOS and matched sections.
    Seller has not reponded to emails either directly or thru PayPal (6 days now).
  4. telecaster
  5. dbtubes
    Tube was clearly identified on website as New Bulk (without box), not New Old Stock (boxed), as claimed by buyer '24phun'. We offered in writing on several occasions to re-test  the tube on Amplitrex AT1000 tester, and replace it. We love dealing in 60 year old electronics, and are here for the long haul !
    David B. www.dbtubes.com
  6. unhappy
    i ordered 2 tubes from company db tubes canada , hadnt used them before as im new to valve hifi , few minutes later i ordered from another company via an auction site - they were half the price of db tubes , and arrived a week earlier  - both sent from same country . the tubes from db tubes came a week after the others and despite paying extra for matching pair , i got both with bent prongs , is that whats matching about them ? not happy and intend to return them , going to cost me to do this but i cannot use them at all if they are not straight , i wont use this company again , as i now know i can get quality tubes half the price delivered quicker and undamaged from elsewhere . i just hope i get a refund and dont have to come back on here to complain more , im annoyed im losing out on the return postage but i paid $32 so here i go spending more to send back dodgy stock : at least £4.50 uk pounds (plus who knows how much extra to get package signed for otherwise i cannot claim back refund from paypal ) , this kind of thing drives me mad , thus why im here warning others and can only concur with other comments about the quality and service of this company . just avoid and go elsewhere 
  7. gyr28
    Attention is scammers! !! The ordered tubes did not come, the seller did not respond to the letters, lost $ 100. I will sue.

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