David Zhe Zhe's Great Service
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May 11, 2009
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David's service to LD owners is great.
Despite the fact that I did not buy my LD MK IV SE from David but from another Head-Fier, he has answered all my questions about my LD quickly and professionally.
He is setting an example to be followed by all suppliers.
The LD MK IV SE which I got is a very good amp for its price, and has exceeded my expectations!
Thanks David!
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David's service is very professional, I wish more suppliers were as good as him.
I contacted a headphone maker regarding purchase of one of their better headphones three months ago, and I am still waiting for an answer!
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I'm late to the party, but i have to chip in and endorse David as being a superb salesman, and he really sets the bar for customer service.He has earned my loyalty to his products.
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From my experience, David was very responsive when I had problems with a couple of early model Little Dot's. He's a star player in my book.
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Yea, David is fantastic.
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He always seems so enthused to give information about his products. He never seems pushy or annoyed, its a pleasure asking him for advice and dealing with him in general. Kudos.
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I agree, he is very helpful and friendly. Just a note that this should be in the vendor feedback forum.
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He indeed is very fast in responding and his replies have been very kind so far.

OP, what questions did you have about your Little Dot?
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Responsive - supportive and fast to respond - doesn't get any better than this
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Yup, Dave's the man.

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