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Darkvoice THA-337, latest version SOLD!!!

  1. tubenews
    Seeing if there's any interest in my 337.  Comes with original tubes, box, literature, etc.  Also have some Tungsol power & driver tubes that really work nicely with the 337 if interested for an additional cost.  Got that tip from HF member Skylab.  Roughly 6 months old, maybe 50-60 hours total playtime.  SOLD!!! - includes shipping in US only, Paypal gift or add 3%.  I have just been informed by a member that this amp is the non-preout version.  Apparently DV has added the preout function to their latest offering. At my asking price I will include the Tungsol tubes.
  2. tubenews
  3. tubenews
    Will include Tungsol tubes at asking price.
  4. tubenews
    Will also include shipping in US only at asking price.[​IMG]
  5. tubenews
    Price drop to $575.  Going to A'gon soon.
  6. tubenews
    Last bump & price drop.  $545.
  7. rocknrolldoctor
    I'll take it this coming weekend if all goes well here :)
  8. tubenews
    Pending sale to Rocknrolldoctor...

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