Darkvoice Figaro or EC Lunchbox II
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Pay particular attention to noise induced by the affordable step-up transformer.

Stepping voltage down with a good device acts as a power filter, stepping it up with an affordable unit is often problematic.

I was thinking of that. So ordered a 500 watt converter just for the 1 amp. Scouring the internet doing my homework with my buddy who is commercial electrician and another buddy who has one, keep me in the right direction. I did look over 500 items on the net, ebay, and amazon. I will listen to it in a little bit when my buddy brings his converter over in a little bit.
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OK first impressions. SMOOTH, Clarity, a little laid back, the first things that come to mind. For the price it was the sound I was looking for.
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Good to hear your FIGARO arrived, Big Poppa. It does improve considerably as it burns in. Happy days ahead.
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It does not like my MS-1's. What is the gain? 10?
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OK, after a few days burning in it changed it's mind. It loves the MS-1's. Never heard such a change after a little burn-in.

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