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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Jim Spec
    Sounds like a great idea if I only knew where to start.
  2. Jim Spec
    While I cannot do it myself, I believe your suggestion to be a good one. So, perhaps I could find a good technician that could perform all the work for me. With that in mind, do you have a list or know where I could find a list of the useful modifications on the Darkvoice. Thanks in advance for your help and your good advice, JS
  3. ThermalAlchemy
    It's rather time-consuming but I did read through all the posts about the DarkVoice including this thread about to Rolling. There are some capacitors to be replaced that will give you quicker and better base response. There's also a post about changing the volume pot, and changing the transformer amongst a few other minor changes this information is spread out amongst many post of individuals who've done modifications to the DarkVoice. Keep in mind this is a hobby and the modifications exceed the cost of a brand new DarkVoice. This is something as a DIY person I would do, but for someone who didn't mind spending the money find somebody to do it for you. There are those who argue at that price point you're better off just buying something more expensive and better. But if you're the person like myself who just want something unique and doesn't mind having to 69 Camaro and then throwing another $40,000 into it to make it a super Camaro, but that 69 Camaro still will not outperform and be as reliable or comfortable as a 2018 top-of-the-line Camaro.
    As for me my dark voice that I got from MASSDROP for $199. I will do all the hot rodding trick out features possible (money no obstacle) to make my dark voice one extreme example while retaining a stock look on the outside.
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  4. Jim Spec
    I really appreciate your email. The darkvoice is the best amp I have ever had. I do not know what went wrong. I have only had it a couple of months. Bought it used. I did change tubes while the amp was turned off but not unplugged. This might have been my downfall. With the cost of the modifications I could have a used Bottlehead Crack. What would be your advice on that. Best, JS
  5. 41Venom14
    @Jim Spec I do not believe the swapping of tubes while it is off, but not unplugged would be your downfall (considering that is the only way I swap tubes). Unfortunately the product is made in China and, well, yeah that's all that needs to be said.

    This reminds me of MY issue with the DV when the right channel cut out for no reason. I went through and checked my sources. Ended up being the DAC that was causing the issue and once reset, right channel came back like nothing happened. Swap the left and right plugs on your cables to see if the issue is still in the right channel or if it switched the to the left. Means your cables are good or bad depending on if the issue swapped channels. Then turn off or unplug your DAC, turn it back on, and see if the issue is still there. If it still does not work, it means you are out of luck and it is most likely a hardware issue.

    I also built the Bottlehead Crack amp (speedball upgrade purchased, not yet installed) and it sounds great. Took me and my meticulous self 7 to 8 hours of building, amazing. Better than the DV? Maybe, I have not had a chance to compare them A-B style, but it certainly sounds damn good.

    I would highly suggest the Bottlehead amp if you are looking for a project, if not, there are other tube amps that are as good or better than the DV.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
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  6. Jim Spec
    Again, I appreciate very much your helpful information, JS
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  7. dobigstuff
    Back to the Tung-Sol Combo:
    NOS USA Tung-Sol 7236 Power with NOS USA Tung-Sol Tall Bottle 6SN7 Driver. I had to go back to this combo. Wide Soundstage, Powerful Bass, Mids and Highs are perfect (not too bright)
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  8. Scutey
    Hi dobigstuff how ya doin?. Just ordered a new, DV looking forward to giving that some time, also bought a couple tubes to replace the stock, a nos Tung Sol 6sn7gtb and an RCA 6as7g. How do you find the DV compared to the LD MKIII ?, I know it largely depends on the tubes in use but I was wondering what the underlying sound signature of the DV is compared to the LD. BTW do you still have the LD?. Also has anyone tried GE 6as7ga and are the 6080 variants any good?, any recommendations would be greatly received!.
  9. dobigstuff
    Doing good. How about you? Still Rollin' I see.
    I do still have the Little Dot MK III with the NOS Tall Bottle USA Tung-Sol 6SN7 Power Tubes and the C3G Drivers. This setup is warmer than the Darkvoice. The Darkvoice has more power and goes a little deeper. (I have the HD 700's)

    As far as tubes for the Darkvoice so far I have tried these Power Tubes:
    1. NOS JAN RCA 6AS7
    2. NOS JAN Sylvania 5998
    3. NOS USA Tung-Sol 7236
    For Driver Tubes I have tried:

    1. NOS RCA 6SN7
    2. NOS Sylvania 6SN7
    3. NOS USA Tall Bottle Tung-Sol 6SN7
    4. Russian Tung-Sol (left Channel hum, people say after burn in it disappears but I don't have the patience)
    Best Combo thus far:
    NOS USA Tung-Sol 7236 Power with NOS USA Tung-Sol Tall Bottle 6SN7 Driver. They say the Western Electric 421A Power or the Tall coke bottle NOS USA Tung-Sol 5998 are two of the best.
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  10. Scutey
    Yeah pretty good. Thanks for the info will have a look at those tubes they look very interesting.
    As for the tube rolling, as i'm sure you know, once you're bitten, there's no way back!.
  11. coolcrew23
    Thanks for everyone in this thread. Was able to get my DV and immediately upgraded my tubes. Currently using VSI 6SN7 and JAN RCA 6AS7. The VSI has no reviews or feedback. Good so far.
  12. Scutey
    Well I've gone a bit mad with the tube rolling... Power RCA 6as7g, drivers RCA 6sn7 gt grey glass, Syl 6sn7 gtb and Tung Sol 6sn7 gtb tall bottle, and I haven't even got it yet!.
  13. coolcrew23
    i need to control this madness!! or should i let it consume me?!?! haha!

    just curious. currently using an audioquest dragonfly red with these. what would be the best dac to use? has anyone tried the mojo?
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  14. Scutey
    Lol I think once you've been bitten by the tube bug there's no going back!.
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  15. Scutey
    Just ordered a Sylvania 6sn7 gt grey glass. Does anyone have any experience with this, or the clear glass version in a DV?.
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