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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Gallic Dweller
    I bought into the 6F8G TS RPs a long time ago. Those who have both this and the 6SN7 of these say that the earlier 6F8G is a tad better as I don't have both I cannot verify this. What I do know is that the RPs from Tung Sol that I do have including the 6SL7 are head and shoulders above any other tubes in their type. I have National Union RPs as well. Yes them TS go for a lot of money but if you don't drive them hard they will last and last unlike power tubes. The 6F8G excel in every dept and they are so organic. In my Bada hybrid amps the preamp section uses 3 tubes - 1 driver and 2 o/put. I use the TS as driver and 2 Russian 1578 as o/put.

    This combo was many years ago the end game for me, I've never heard a tube combo anywhere near this sound. As I have quite a few of these TS I tried using 3 in the Bada amps, it is an overwhelming organic and emotional sound with acoustic music totally involving.For most music the TS/1578 is still the best. I'm still looking at different o/put tubes for the D/V.

    I'll bet that many would really like the Russian mil.spec 1578, like the 6F8G they are no longer cheap. Around the millenium both could be bought for pennies. If anyone does fancy trying the 1578 be very careful, there are lots of scammers trying to sell you the cheap as chips standard Russian tubes, they never show you a full on shot of the ladders - caveat emptor.
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  2. JKDJedi
    Seems like I have enough tubes to light up a Christmas Tree... :):D
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  3. DenverW
    So what strange tube variant is on the agenda tonight, you ask? Why, its the Mullard Black Plate CV6! This tube is the british military tube based on the 7193 that is getting some love (i'm a pretty huge fan of the national union). The tubes work with the same adapter, however the top connectors are reversed from the 7193 connection. My first impression: BASS. These guys easily rival some of the bassier 6SN7 varients such as a Ken Rad for low end. In my limited listening tube I can already tell this is going to be a great tube! Not the prettiest...but we don't listen with our eyes, right? :)

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  4. cddc
    Mullard tubes seem to have attractive mids and low end.

    I'd like to try a Mullard ECC32 (many report punchy bass with it), but the price is astronomical...:deadhorse:
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  5. DenverW
    Cost wise these adapters I’ve been playing with are worth their weight in gold. 6SN7 tubes are just so pricey for the high end popular ones. I would certainly lay recommend getting a 7193 or 6f8g to 6sn7 adapter and trying some of the less expensive variants. Each of the 7193/cv6 pairs I’ve found have all been under $30 for the pair, and they’re no slouches.
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  6. cddc
    I've got too many 6SN7 tubes to try...:D...my next target is a Tung Sol 5998 or WE/TS 421A power tube.

    The power tube in your pic above seems to be a 5998, is it?

    PS: mind letting me know around how much you paid for your 421A @JKDJedi ? :)
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  7. DenverW
    Yes it’s a 5998; I’m a big fan of that tube. All my current power tubes are tung sol: a 5998, a 6as7g, and a 7236. I have a gec 6as7g on the way from a trade, so that may uproot the tung sol trifecta. I can find 5998 for around $125...those 421a though....that’s too steep for me :)
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  8. cddc
    I don't think 421a is too steep for you, since your gec 6as7g is on its way...LOL...:D....nice shot bro btw...let us know how you like the Holy Grail gec 6as7g :)

    I'm not so impressed with Tung Sol 6AS7G, but a Tung Sol 5998 may change my view towards Tung Sol, we'll see...:)
  9. DenverW
    It’s a straight brown base, not the curved, and I traded into it too, so that helped. It’s gonna take a while to get to me, looks like it won’t ship till next Saturday. Right now I’m eyeballing a pair of hytron vt 232 to try :).
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  10. cddc
    I read the difference between brown straight and curve base is small to none...there is even black straight base gec 6as7g.
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  11. JKDJedi
    Not for what they're going now.... $300 is a lot for a 421a. I'd like to have a 5998 myself, just for keeps sake.
  12. cddc
    421A is a better 5998, no need to waste money on an inferior 421A, save the money for a GEC 6AS7G or TS 6SN7 RP, buddy :)
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  13. Jared S
    What power tube is best? 6as7, 6080, or what do you guys recommend?
  14. DenverW
    that’s a tough question because it’s subjective. “Best” would probably be a curved brown base gec 6as7g. But do you want to spend $300+ on one tube?

    tung sol makes good power tubes, 5998, 6080, 6as7g, 7236. A good inexpensive option is the rca 6as7g. If you google 6as7 tubes compared you can find several good reference pages.
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  15. JKDJedi
    The crowd favorite is the Tung Sol 7236, and yes to all of the above.. RCA a good choice too, for the monies (between the two) I'd give the edge to the TungSol 7236, plays very well with the Dark One...
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