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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Xibipiio
    No, this was before everybody got excited by them. Just another tube on the table.
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  2. JKDJedi
    I do have to admit the short bottle Sylvania Chrome Dome tubes are probably still my favorite. Laid back, smooth vocals, smooth bass. Maybe I'm just in the mood for that kinda of sound right now.
  3. Keno18
    Well I'm set for the next 5 years or so 2 Sylvania 6as7ga's, 3 Tung-Sol 7236's paired with 1 new production Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB and 4 vintage 6sn7gt mouse ears. Set up with Qobuz streaming through foobar2000 using DSD TRANSCODER software for an unbelievable analog sound. Listening with Sennheiser HD6XX's I've reached my endgame, at least for now. :)
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  4. Jared S
    hello everybody, I am sorry if I am hijacking the thread but I just bought my dark voice 336 and I don't know which tubes to buy. Upon reading on the past few pages, I have read your recommendations and gathered these tubes. I am also using sennheiser HD 6xx. I am from the Philippines and the choices are slim. If you guys have better recommendations, please feel free to post it. Thanks! :grinning:






  5. JKDJedi
    Brimar or Hytron, coin flip!
  6. Xibipiio
    Just want to say, I would never pay today’s prices for a Tung Sol round plate. Yes, it sounds very nice, but unless you have money to burn you’re way past the point of diminishing returns. I believe patience is they key - go to hamfests and keep an eye on Craigslist and eBay and you will find very nice tunes at good prices. Don’t shy away from the non-boutique tubes. As many have said here, it’s all about synergy. You never know what’s going to sound nice in your amp and with your power tube and ‘phones. Have fun without breaking the bank.
  7. JKDJedi
    It's almost a catch 22..lol, your in it for the best bang for your buck "sound" or for collections sake. I'm sort of caught in between, and sold off most of my rebranded tubes (not all still have some favorites) and into collectors right now. I can't afford a Porche or Ferraii but dam them vintage tubes are within range!

    Edit: these sound great on the Darkvoice, not dark at all. creamy vocals.
    2019-10-12 09.57.58-1.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  8. JKDJedi
    The JAN-CBRZ-7N7 finally arrived, and yes the $3 tube I got a week before these is a carbon copy. (the odds) The Philco 7N7 is the same save the black T plates vs the grey on the others,and the micas on the Philco have some kind of coating instead of bare metal of the Lansdale tubes. I haven't done any tube rolling with these four for sound comparisons but off memory and currently listening to today's arrival, the Philco black plates a touch warmer. And not to far off from the tall Sylvania tube I have, I almost want to say they are the same! So we'll see later this weekend after some time with these guys.
    2019-10-15 20.58.59-1.jpg 2019-10-15 20.38.11.jpg 2019-10-15 20.35.52-1.jpg 2019-10-15 20.35.37-2.jpg 2019-10-15 20.30.42-1.jpg
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  9. DenverW
    So I have quite a few tubes I was using with a Bottlehead crack/speedball in the past and I was wondering which would work with the Darkvoice.

    For power tubes I’m all set, but for the 6sn7 socket, would any of the following work with an adapter?


    just curious if I should look for an 12au7 to 6sn7 adapter or if any of these would be damaging.

  10. JKDJedi
    They probably all would work with an adapter, I know for sure the 12AU7 would, it would just run at 6volts with the adapter. And the Bottlehead crack might be just a touch (don't shoot darts at me guys) better than the Darkvoice. So you'd be downgrading. I mean honestly, have you heard of any hum issues with the Bottlehead?
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  11. DenverW
    My crack is pretty upgraded, so it is a bit better, but it’s not functioning right now, so it will be over a month until I have the will, and time, to troubleshoot and fix it.

    until then I’m enjoying the dark voice! And when the crack is working again I’m gonna put the Darkvoice at my pc.

    I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to hurt either the tubes or the Darkvoice by plugging in a 12au7 or 12bh7a.
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  12. JKDJedi
    I've used a 12AT7 with no problems. With adapter. I was concerned the same and was told by some it was a no go but I had been using it with no smoke or fuses blowing the whole time, then I was told that the adapters did the whole 6volt conversion so no worries, to go ahead and rock them tubes. DArkvoice doesnt even blink when I ever get the itch to roll that 12AT7 tube. Just get the adapter. You can find them on Ebay.
    2019-10-16 19.25.03-1.jpg
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  13. JKDJedi
    you got me going now... :D found some 6GU7 tubes in my junk box and one had Sylvania on it so...lets roll this thing.. same family as the 6CG7 tubes so that adapter worked for this one. Sound as fast as the 6CG7 tubes are, with nice extended details throughout. Like it for the HD6XX/650. You could probably find this tube for pennies. Or in someone's box they're about to throw out like I did :) (These are your bang for the buck)
    2019-10-16 19.33.02.jpg 2019-10-16 20.00.44-1.jpg 2019-10-16 20.00.28-1.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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  14. cddc

    No, I don't think it hurts too. They run on same or less heater current, and similar amplification factor, so they should be perfect drop-ins for 6SN7.

    Just make sure to get the right adapter as per @JKDJedi
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  15. cddc

    New frontiers:D....always good to hear :beerchug:
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