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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Slade01
    Anyone have any experience with a CBS 6SN7GTB? Just got it and have to burn it in, so I haven't had a chance to really put it through its paces yet. But haven't really been able to find too much about it, unless its just a more ordinary tube? They look like RCA tubes, so I am assuming they have a similar sound profile?

    20190725_160602.jpg 20190725_160629.jpg
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  2. JKDJedi
    Nice looking tube! Copy and pasted from 6sn7 thread...

    Upgrade' of 6SN7GT, max 450Volt Ua, 5W per system and 7.5W total. Hence tube better fulfills special requirements for TV sweep applications, like higher peak power and better impulse capabilities.
    with faster tube heat-up (11 seconds only).
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  3. Slade01
    Good for TVs but lets hope it sounds good musically!
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  4. JKDJedi
    It should, might have to mix n match with power tube to find a good balance. Keep us posted. :)
  5. wwmhf
    I have a few tubes like the one in your post, and they sound good in my 336SE
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  6. JKDJedi
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  7. JKDJedi
    Only $25, How Do they Compare? Westinghouse-Sylvania-Raytheon 6SN7GT

    6SN7Gt Showdown.jpg

    For this comparison I decided to use my most/more neutral power tube. (Mullard 6080) Tracks played, Radiohead recordings, just phenomenal work here, especially for headphones. Sticking with my better Darkvoice headphones, you guessed it , the Sennheiser HD6XX. (I decided later to add the Tung-Sol 7236 in this mix) :wink:

    First up,

    Raytheon 6SN7GT (1951)
    2019-07-26 10.04.51.jpg

    I had given up on this tube as one of my first NOS purchases, unimpressed I bubble wrapped for later use, even tried to sell it at one point. Off memory, it could have been that it just doesn't mesh well with 6AS7G tubes. Thats all I had at the time, anyways, I'm glad I unearthed this baby. Sounds so F5ck3n special. (Creep playing in the background) :D Is that really Thom Yorke? Very warm sounding, bass not exaggerated, perfect for Sade fans. Highs are nice, vocals smooth. And the only nick pick, on busy sections, gets slightly mangled. (Distorted) Lots of width here, lot to do with the recordings. And the Raytheon represents well here.

    Up Next!

    Sylvania 6SN7GT (1953)
    2019-07-26 10.10.02.jpg
    So the Sylvania never really grabbed my attention, even with all the rebranded tubes out there, made by Sylvania. It was only recent that a member here sparked my interest, (thanks sennfan83261), I grabbed a few. What immediately grabs you is the lush bass these tubes have. You read about it but will never understand it till you listen to one. It's rumored the bass matches the legendary "Bad Boy", (JAN-CHS 6SN7GT 3 hole 1952 Bottom Getter), I may never know. So as much as I harped on the Raytheon, this tube comes out with a darker background. And bass is special here. The only nit pick again is when it gets busy, same as the Raytheon. Treble is sparkling clean. Because of the darker background vocals sound almost 2 d, 3 d? Width comparable to the Raytheon. Note: One could say the bass here is boomy and compared to the Raytheon, on some tracks yes.

    Up Next!

    Westinghouse 6SN7GT Reliatron (1957)
    2019-07-26 10.16.56.jpg

    The Westinghouse is said to be " Special" , this from members here on Headfi.org. The tube to get is from the 50's. Seems to be the pattern here, that if you want a lush sounding tube, it's gonna come from the 50's, (late 40's) . One member, (ripper2860) Headphoneus Supremous even, suggested that the "The 50's D getter 'Reliatron is markedly better and a gem. Honest. Many (myself included) like it better than the Kenrad VT-231 and that's saying a lot!!" (in personal correspondence) Lets take a listen. Like the prior two (Raytheon, Sylvania) you get the warm tube sound. You know with that build up I just wrote, and listening to this tube, I'm struggling to find anything that sticks out better than the prior two tubes!! o.O
    There it is... if it has one thing over the two is that it has great control on busy sections of these tracks. Not as warm, or wide, as the Raytheon, not dark or inviting as the Sylvania, where does this Westinghouse fit?
    I almost want to try the Tung Sol 7236 with this tube to find out whats going on, maybe i should but this would alter the Comparison, no? Ahh what the heck.. lets give it a spin. So I shouldn't be surprised, right away the Westinghouse is a different tube mated with the Tung Sol 7236, for the better. Bass, mids, treble soundstage gets an immediate upgrade! A couple of notches over the Raytheon and the Sylvania! (All rolled on the Tung-Sol 7236)

    All these tubes here have their strengths and weakness, and would be a nice little collection to have. Feel like some hip hop, slap in the Sylvania. Want to lay low and chill with some jazz or Sade, the Raytheon. Indie music, can't beat the Tungsol Westinghouse mix. All winners in my book.
    2019-07-26 12.32.54.jpg

    But WAIT!! Theres More!!

    Bonus Driver

    We have here a Sylvania made Driver. (sold to me as a pair, the other a Motorola w/ same build)

    Admiral 6SN7GT Staggered/Ladder Plates (1952)
    2019-07-27 14.33.51-1.jpg

    What I really like about these Sylvania made tubes, especially this one (the ADMIRAL) is the build. 1952. the same year the Bad Boy was made.. THE BAD BOY. and this tube has some similarities. (one can day dream, right?) :D I'm talking build here, we have the 3 holes, no 5 holes! if you look closely (on one side of the plates) the bottom getter flares up past the base, and we also have some copper wiring underneath. And made by Sylvania. Ok I know it's not a Bad Boy... And for $11. ok, out of my system, lets get to the sound. This tube has a very rich sound, rolling with the 6080 right now. And bass not as bold as the "Chrome Dome" like tube up top, but it's there. Nice wide soundstage, almost as wide as my 1960 6SN7GTB Westinghouse if not the same. (That one also under $25,not reviewed here) HAve to say for $11 this is a STEAL. gonna roll the 7236 now. Weird that I'm not hearing any immediate change, (getting jaded again) I will say this, some really , and i mean really,good vocals with this tube. Now I'm disturbed that this $11 tube sounds this good. It has nice width, bass just right, vocals surreal for real, percussions can be felt,. Am I just biased on this thing? With the Bad Boy fantasy :D If you can find this anywhere on Ebay or garage sale.... GRAB IT!!! Another hidden GEM. :wink:
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  8. JKDJedi
    Thanks for the read guys, I added a bonus tube that just came in this evening. See ya's next weekend! :) ^
  9. Robert Padgett
    I have had good fortune to find "Three for $10-- Test Good 6SN7" tubes with a similar diversity as yours
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  10. Slade01
    Which tubes would you guys recommend that emphasize the mids/vocals the best?
  11. JKDJedi
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  12. Slade01
    Hey JKDJedi, I read your post (2227) and it is a great write up. I think if I understand correctly, the vocals are better with the Raytheon and the Westinghouse. I don't own any Raytheon tubes, and I was interested in them, so it seems like a good direction to go into. I'm trying to find that sound that does emphasize mids and vocals better. It seems that some of the VT-231s also do this based on comments in the 6SN7 Reference Forum. Thanks again for sharing - much appreciated.
  13. JKDJedi
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  14. sennfan83261
    I only tried my Raytheon 6SN7GT for a few minutes, so take my comments about it with a grain of salt. What I immediately noticed was how this tube emphasized the vocal range, i.e. vocal-centric, and was a bit dry-sounding (almost clinical) compared to the more lush Sylvania's and '40s RCA gray-glass. Unfortunately, I also noticed how the soundstage on the Raytheon wasn't as wide as the Sylvania's and RCA's. Still, the Raytheons are a decent choice if you are looking for vocal-centric tubes. For myself, I tend to reach for the more lush sounding Sylvania and RCA gray-glass tubes, as clinical-sounding tubes tend to approach the sound achieved by decent solidstate amps, and I have a decent SS amp for that kind of sound, :wink:
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  15. JKDJedi
    I felt the exact same way with the Raytheon and that tube ended up just tucked away for a long time. I would let that baby bake for 48 hours or so before clinically listening to it. And yes, the Sylvania are so lush!! Love em!!
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