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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Ad720
    Cool, good to know.

    Like I said, the combo of the GE GTB and the GE JAN is pretty stellar. May want to give the GE Jan a shot. I got mine from Parts Express ebay store front for $18.69 shipped .
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  2. JKDJedi
    Nice, my first tube set from the same company. :) you planning on getting more or settled on these? It's a trip hard to back out of once you start...lol.
  3. JKDJedi
    Parts Express.. Yes I think I have the exact same tube and it did not fare well to my ears, kind of thin and sterile. My least used tube. But! I will roll it with these side getters GE tubes! If it works I just might kiss you! :D

    EDIT: Did a quick lunch time sit down... WOW... DUde... this is a GREAT match. Thanks for the heads up! (No I'm not kissing you)

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  4. jadverkko
    Im having trouble with my Darkvoice. Every now and then my both channels are working properly but all of a sudden there is a huge pop in the right channel and the sound just dies from right channel. Left channel is working perfectly all the time. I've tried changing tubes but it doesn't seem to affect. Same crap keeps going on. After the sound is gone from the right channel I turn my darkvoice off and let it cool off for a moment and reassemble the tubes. After this Darkvoice is working again but for unknown time. I've send messages to few places that maintain tube amplifiers and other electronics. Just asking here if anybody else has suffered from same kind of problems with Darkvoice and have any idea where the issue is.
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  5. JKDJedi
    Huge bummer, a replacement is probably your best option, just to make sure I would make sure its not your headphones and use a different amp, but I'm sure you've tried that. Hope your Darkvoice came with a some type of return policy. Good luck.
  6. jadverkko
    Yeah, It's not the headphones. I think it has to be some sort of thermal issue, so I just wanted to check few places if they can bring my darkvoice back alive before I get into that returning hassle. And thank you, I really hope to have it working. I really liked the sound of this amplifier with my HD600 and HD800. I think if this doesn't work out I will have to buy myself a soldering kit and bottlehead crack. Damn shame I was too late for the bottlehead discounts. I took a bit of a risk buying Darkvoice after reading that they have had quite a bit of QC issues. I was just so certain that those days are gone and I'm going to get fully functional unit. Oh boy was I wrong.
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  7. Ad720
  8. Xibipiio
    Hi everyone - this is my first post here, to share my 5-month experience tuberolling the DarkVoice,

    My very favorite 6SN7s are the early RCA gray glass (also known a smoked or black glass) with the so-called round “meatball” logo. They sound very clean, low distortion, while still offering all the tube goodness. With prices of the more exotic 6SN7s going though the roof, these are sensible tubes that sound stellar.

    I was lucky to find a couple of Tung-Sol round plates in my stash, and yes, they’re as good as everyone says they are. Just right in every way, But, the RCAs to my ears are just as good in their way and lots cheaper. I see prices for the RCAs going up, so maybe people are catching on. (I don’t sell tubes BTW). Lesser TungSols are good as well, but just a little boring to me.

    Sylvania brown base 6sn7WGTs are another fine choice - they have a little extra punch and drive.

    For power tubes, the RCA and GE 6as7Gs are both nice - warm and detailed. The GE and RCA 6080s I’ve tried don’t impress me. They’re drier and more solid-state. Stick with the cheap 6as7Gs, in my opinion.

    Enjoy your amp!
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  9. gkprabhu
    Hi, how do you like the silvertone ? I just got one and I think that I like it better than my tung sol. It goes really well with my HD6XX. Thanks for getting me started with some tube recommendations. BTW, I just joined the drop for the Little Dot MKIII on massdrop. This hobby will land me in the poor house one day :) .
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  10. Ad720
    The Silvertone is a peach to be honest. I had low expectations but it's a great performer. It came as a lot with a GE GTB, under $10 for both. A couple posts back JKJedi determined it is probably a rebranded Sylvania.
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  11. Ad720
    Just got a Tung Sol 6as7g in.

    IMG_20190327_191713.jpg IMG_20190327_192123.jpg

    I can see why people like this tube. The soundstage is very nice and it's got some punch while still being quite resolving. I do find it lacking in the smoothness of the GE JAN with the GE GTB. I'm looking forward to pairing this Tung Sol with the bunch of other 6sn7s that I have around. But for now, the king stay the king and that's the GE GTB with the GE JAN .
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  12. Ad720

    Also, I came from a Little Dot MkII. I was listening to planars mostly and sort of foolishly sold it especially because I have Little Dot 1+ and APPJ mini that use the same tubes.

    Instead of rebuying it I decided to try to the Dark Voice for something different, mostly because finding matched pairs of tubes got old and it's a little easier to find random singles. Anyway, in the Little Dot the GE Jan 5654s are a favorite along with the Voshkod EVs. The GE 5 stars are fun and you should be able to get a set for under $10. I didn't care for the sylvanias and the Mullards are good but over priced IMO. I have a set of RCA JRC that I enjoy as well.
  13. gkprabhu
    Thanks for your reply Ad720. Could you please send me some links for the GE GTB and the GE Jan that you mention ? I would like to get them if they are not too expensive. Looks like your favorite combo for the DV. Thank you
  14. Ad720
    I got mine on eBay, the GTB was from a regular seller and the GE Jan was from parts express ebay store front.
  15. gkprabhu
    Thanks Ad720, are you referring to the LD MKiii or LD MKii ? I already have the MKii and just joined the drop for the MKiii. I am using the MKii as a pre amp right now. Are the tubes that you mentioned in your post for the MK iii ? I have some GE Jan 5654's that I got for my MKii already. If you don't mind, please be kind enough to send me some links for reference.

    Thank you much
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