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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Jamie G
    Cheers bud. Yep, that's the reference i followed for the burn in process mate...seems that this tube just will not be burned!

    Gutted that the other Sylvania i 'killed' was dead quiet. I'd just take a punt and go get another one but the prices have skyrocketed recently and i really don't want another hummer.
  2. volly
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  3. Jamie G
    "I got a pair of the Sophia 6SN7's...and they were good...but not really worth the money, IMO. No better than a typical pair of NOS Sylvanias, which are cheaper."

    Straight from the keyboard of the legendary Skylab. Shame, as they do look purdy. Also, like most things tube, these are nowhere to be seen in the UK! :confounded:
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  4. volly
    Haha...I loved Skylab's contribution in these threads, he/she really left a few good bread crumbs for us to follow.

    Are you able to grab a new production 6Sn7 Tung Sol from a local guitar store? I hear good reports about them, they've been on my list to get.
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  5. volly
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  6. Jamie G
  7. dlen
    I would be interested in how you get on with the Shuguang Black treasure. I have been running one in my darkvoice for the last week ran with various power tubes (TS 6080WB/RCA 6AS7/HP 6AS7/Mullard 6080 and currently with a Thompson 6080).

    With both the 6AS7 tube the treasure has no real noticeable hum while in the 6080's it has a very faint hum in the left channel although this has now almost dissipated.

    I certainly would like a few more hours on the tube before making any real judgement, however I find it has a wide sound stage and have been picking up some additional detail on recording which other tubes do not seem to expose and more so using the TS 6080WB or Thompson rather than the 6AS7 tubes or Mullard 6080.

    I do also own a Psvane HIFI 6SN7 which I would not recommend over NOS I purchased at the same price point.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
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  8. Jamie G
    Welcome to the thread dlen!

    Have you tried any other front tubes? How does the Black Treasure compare? I'm kinda set on the TS 5998 in the back, but always interested in trying out some new front tubes with it.


  9. dlen
    I have a Raytheon VT-231 and this hums and it is a significant hum, have tired burn-in but only to around 60 hours and lost the will or desire to continue.

    Although I do intend to revisit the tube at some stage in the future.

    Out of interest what power tubes have you tried with it?
  10. dlen
    Front tubes : Various NOS (USA Tung-sol, Hytron, Raytheon VT-231, Westinghouse, RCA, GE), in no particular order.

    To be honest I like both the USA Tung-sol and the Hytron but currently running the Treasure and will keep doing so for the at least the next 30 hours of listening and then I may go back and perform some comparisons.

    At present the sound stage seems wider on the Treasure rather than on the Tung-sol or Hytron.

    Have also been considering a TS 5998 for the power tube, but rather rare and expensive.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
  11. Jamie G
    With this tube, just the 5998. In my experience the rear doesn't make much difference if the front tube is noisy though.

    Well worth getting if you can find one. I ended up getting a pair from an ebay seller in France for a pretty reasonable deal.
  12. dlen
    When using a 6AS7G (HP or RCA) I find the hum is reduced over any of the 6080's I own, although not enough on the Raytheon to make me listen to it for any period of time.
  13. volly
  14. MelonHead
    I don't want to make a hasty statement, but the Shuguang seems to be very capable, or moreover impressive. Fortunately it required a bit less -around 70 hours- burn-in time to elliminate the "humm".
    Let me have a few more days with it and I will compare with the Russian Tung-Sol.
  15. Gallic Dweller
    So many still not dealing with the hum issue - this was solved long ago with a simple mod - do it or find someone that can. The ludicrous situation with the volume control - only one small sweet spot, no volume before and loudness after. Solution - disconnect the pot connections and rewire from input to the PCB and use an exterior volume control - just like you do if using a power only amp, the volume control being in the preamp.
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