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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. volly
    Damn man, sounds like somethings going on there. Yeah, go back to stock and just leave it on for a little while, don't play any music for a while and then test. Also, how's the power cable, is it securely connect? Is your DV plugged in to the wall or from a power board? Try the DV in another room perhaps?

    I dare say, you might have a crumby tube, that's if the stock tubes are running fine!

    Good luck @Jamie G.
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  2. Jamie G
    I'll leave it on with stock tubes and headphones plugged in and keep checking every now and then. The power cable is securely connected, only thing is its the one that came with the Jotunheim, as the darkvoice came with the wrong one for the uk. Its marked up the same though so wouldn't have thought that would be a problem? It's plugged into a Tacima power conditioner.

    Fingers crossed its the adapters, I was still using them when I tried the second tube last night.

    Appreciate all your help with this Volly, helpful people like yourself are what make these forums.

    Thanks mate
  3. Gallic Dweller
    The obsession with tube rolling when a few simple mods would reap better results, never fails to make me laugh. My No. 1 signal tube is the 6F8G Tung Sol RP, no commercial gear comes with the socket wired for this, so I have to use an adaptor - do you have something like DeOxit used neat or /Pro-Gold diluted to something like 3-1. to thoroughly clean all the contact points on the socket/adaptor and valve/tube pins.I'll bet if you do this it will cure your problem.
  4. dobigstuff
    Jamie G:

    Try to stick to the USA NOS Tubes. They should be silent. Here is what I finally settled on:

    Western Electric 421 A.jpg
    Western Electric 421 A.jpg 2 Western Electric 421 A.jpg
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  5. volly
  6. Jamie G
    Dobigstuff Damn your stuff looks clean...don't you guys get dust over there?! :ksc75smile:

    So, little follow-up for any that might be interested. Ran it with stock tubes for a few hours on Saturday, no obvious signs of problems. So decided to go for broke and rolled my new 5998 and RCA Grey Glass 6SN7 in...pleased to say that (fingers-crossed) no issues so far, aside from a slight left channel hum from the RCA, but nothing too distressing.

    And oh man am I glad I did?!! What a combo that is!
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  7. dobigstuff
    Jamie G:

    I get dust don't worry. Yeah Good NOS USA Tubes should be quiet. I have tried RCA 6AS7 Power Tube, RCA 6SN7's, Tung-Sol's 7236, Jan Sylvania 5998 all dead quiet.
    1st Photo is Jan Sylvania 5998 Power with Sylvania 6SN7 Driver.
    2nd Photo is Tung-Sol 7236 Power with Tung-Sol 6SN7 Driver
    Darkvoice with JAN Sylvania 5998A and Sylvania 6SN7 GTB.jpg

    Tung-Sol 7236.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  8. Jamie G
    Both look really nice mate. What are your favourite combos?
  9. dobigstuff
    I have settled on the USA Western Electric 421A Power Tube and the USA Tung-Sol 6SN7 Driver Tube
  10. 69mustang
    I had a noticeable hum with the stock power tube and a new Electro-Harmonix driver tube. I decided to do the Fitz mod with 2x 220uf capacitors and it cleared the hum immediately. I also replaced the bright blue led with a dimmer yellow one.
  11. Jamie G
    Is the fitz hum mod still a thing for the SE then? I read a few posts suggesting those changes had since been implemented...could be wrong though.

    Nice idea re the ultra-bright led! I've gone with a double-helping of light dims. Does a very good job actually
  12. MelonHead
    Yes, hum is still present in the SE version of Darkvoice 336. at least in mine.
    I've zero problem with the stock tubes, but my freshly arrived TUNG-SOL 6SN7 GTB makes that low frequency noise in the background.
  13. 69mustang
    I just received my 336SE this month from Massdrop and it had hum with the new driver tube, the original tube didn’t have the hum. Again, the mod fixed it immediately.
  14. Jamie G
    Ah, so you can still do it! Thanks for letting me know. Sadly I feel neither confident (nor competent) enough to delve into the internals.

    The driver tube I'm using currently does have a bit of a left channel hum...but not enough to bother me too much when music is playing
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2018
  15. 69mustang
    It’s a pretty simple/easy mod, if you are handy with a soldering iron or hopefully you can find someone to do it.
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