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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. Jamie G
    So I put this in the help forum, but am yet to get a response so I hope one of you lovely people can advise :smile_phones:

    Last night I installed some socket savers (these) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Octal-...e=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 into my Darkvoice and noticed some sound anomalies. For the most part it is dead silent, more so even than with the tubes plugged in directly, but a few times during my testing I noticed a buzzing and crackling in the right channel, loud enough to just be audible over music. This lasted around 5 seconds and then went away and happened 3-4 times over say, half an hour of listening.

    Is this normal? Could it be just a new link in the chain and I should just bear with it, or should I just whip them out sharpish?

    Thanks all, appreciate any advice I get
  2. volly
    @Jamie G - What tubes are you experiencing the noise with? I have one or two 'socket savers' that are lesser quality than some, which can introduce noise!

    If it's a fresh tube, say a Russian tube, they can be a pest from time to time, like you said, it goes away. Also, I find some tubes I have can be problematic within the first few hours of it's life.

    I hear, some have a noisy rear (6AS7) tube, which there are methods on how to fix this, try rolling out different tubes and see if you can locate the source of the issue.

    Good luck!
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  3. volly
    Just rolled in this tube:

    Tung Sol Dumont USA 6SN7GTB 6SN7 black plate
    4971760283932144093.jpg 6808678237013671250.jpg 9117737779766027064.jpg

    Jamie G likes this.
  4. Jamie G
    Funny you should say that, in the rear I have a Svetlana 6H13C. In the front currently I have a Sylvania VT-231. Both have been in for a couple of weeks now (perhaps 5-10 hours of use by me) so they should be all settled.

    Its just weird that its this prominent buzz/crackle that seems to sort itself. A buzz in one channel while a tube settles I can understand...but this is odd?

    Any ideas why / what's happening?

  5. volly
    Is this your chain @Jamie G : Foobar - - Schiit Jotunheim - - Darkvoice 336SE - - Sennheiser HD650?

    Is the Jot pre/amp out to your DV? Maybe remove the Jot and see if the noise is still there with another DAC?

    My 6H13C is pretty solid, no issues with noise, had a noisy 6H8C but was intermittent and seemed to have settle right down!
  6. Jamie G
    Correct Volly, I've actually got an old Modi lying around so could try that. So this is something introduced by using the adapters then? Never had this (not that I noticed) when running tubes directly into the sockets?

    I'm going to be rolling a 5998 and RCA Grey Glass over the weekend anyway, so I'm sure things will change!

    Appreciate your help

  7. volly
    Yeah, I've come across a few bad adapters in my time, ditch 'em and go in naked!

    Sounds like fun times a head mate! :)
    Jamie G likes this.
  8. Jamie G
    Ha ha, yeah think I might end up doing just that! Bare back tube rolling ftw :k701smile: Think i'll persevere for a while, and if it doesn't clear up just get rid.

    Hope so matey, you guys on this thread have basically made the 5998 sound like a must have!

    Fingers crossed it plays nicely
    volly likes this.
  9. Oskari
    Could it be noise pickup from a mobile phone, wireless router, or some other device?
  10. Jamie G
    Actually never thought of that, the rca connecting the Jot to the DV does run close to all of my living room setup. Maybe the socket savers are just amplifying noise from something else?
  11. rusnak666
    Hi to all, i am new in tube amplifiers, i am using my 336se with 6AS7G (Svetlana 6H13C) and CV181-Z Treasure, im planning to change the Svetlana 6H13C for Telefunken 6080 tube? Is this a upgrade or just sidegrade? What would be the differences in sound? Thanks
  12. Oskari
  13. Jamie G
    Well, think I may have solved the noisy channel problem. Decided to try a different dac as suggested by Volly, fired up the Darkvoice went to make a drink and when I came back...front tube was somewhat lacking in glow. Tried it without the adapter in case that had died but nope, begins to light up very briefly then dies. Probably a coincidence, but I'm not confident in using them now. Haven't tried another tube yet.

    What do you think?
  14. volly
    @Jamie G - So, are you saying, the front tube section (6SN7) isn't working properly? Which tube did you have in when it 'died'? And you said you changed Dac's, did it fix the 'noisy channel' issue?
  15. Jamie G
    It's starting to look like that could be the case yes. I had a Sylvania vt-231 in there at the time. I didn't actually continue down the dac testing route after that, but I did get impatient and put another tube in. All seemed to be going fine until I started noticing the same sounds in the right channel (which were becoming more continuous prior to the Sylv packing in). After what happened last time I feared 'the sound of death' so powered down and haven't been back since it was already very late and I didn't want to wait for it to cool down before troubleshooting.

    I'm thinking I go back to complete stock tubes and see if the sound comes back there to start with. All quite annoying to be honest mate. Just want to listen to the music.
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