Darkvoice 336 SE Valve Headphone Pre Amplifier
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New Head-Fier
Oct 1, 2009
Darkvoice THA 336se tube headphone amplifier.

Purchased new less than six months ago and still in fault free, fresh out of the box condition. I can't rave enough on how well built and good sounding this amp is. I'm only selling it as I'm moving to a pair of Active monitors. I'm not sure I even want to get rid of it... Don't discount this as a cheap chinese amp, it really is superb!!

Build quality is absolutely first rate. Each amplifier is hand built and tested. Point to point wiring is used, keeping the signal path as clean as possible. High quality components are used throughout.

Really suits Sennheiser HD600, HD650 and other high impendance headphones.

The 336se is probably also the best looking amplifier of the DV range. Both compact and minimalist looking!!


* Tubes Used: 6N8P,6080g,6080w,6AS7,6AS7g * Frequency response: 10Hz~20kHz+/-1dB * Output impedance: 32 to 600 ohm * Power output: 1W * Output terminal: 6.3mm Stereo Jack * Case dimension: 290(L) *160(W) *135(D) mm * Colour: Black * Weight: 6kg

check out Lucky Frog Audio.co.uk for piece of mind...they are now sold in the uk.

selling on ebay:

click here

I will end early for £170 GBP. I can post anywhere...

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