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Darkvoice 336 amp

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by raf1919, Nov 22, 2018.
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  1. raf1919
    For Sale or Trade
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    •   United States
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    Selling my DK amp in original packaging. I'm 2nd owner have had it for several months not just not using it and takes up to much desk space.

    Comes in original box with stock tubes and power cord.

    2 Sovteks tubes - 2 pcs 6N7GT 6SN7GT 6SL7 Sovtek Audio Triode Tubes NIB
    2 Russian NOS tubes
    2 Russian Power Tubes - 6N13S (6AS7G \ ECC230 )double triode Svetlana TESTED tube
    1 RCA Tube (broken base on it, tried putting it into adapter to use on my vali2 and broke the base.)

    **one thing to point out is that common issues on these amps is *humming* noise on some new tubes. The stock tube and my RCA tube have no hum at all but my other ones hum. I googled it and appears new tubes need about 72hrs for hum to go away. I just used the RCA tube mainly up until I broke it. There is "mod" you can do on the darkvoice which I'm not about to get electrocuted and try.

    Asking 250 Shipped. Thanks. Open to trades would like Lyr3, Vali2 + cash, or schiit stack

    PICS https://photos.app.goo.gl/9wek2KwHNQ5NKLHF6
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  2. blackdragon87
    interested in a possible trade, pmed
  3. raf1919
  4. raf1919
    would trade for some headphones.. HD660s plus cash on my end. Or HD700
  5. raf1919
  6. raf1919

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