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Dark Souls!

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mechanical, May 28, 2012.
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  1. KaiserTK
    If DS3 had the level of armor choices and great dual wield combos of DS2 (like Doritos Smelter swords), I would’ve played it much longer. PvP ganking/ganked just got stale so quick.
  2. kova4a
    That's noob talk. Raising the hp instead of the stamina means you expect to get hit
    a lot and that's not the point of the game.

    Yeah, they oversimplified ds3 way too much. I don't really like any of the weapons aside from the killer thrall axe
  3. Playstation
    Oh. Well i guess i have always been prepared to die.
    I don't have a problem with being a noob :)
  4. kova4a
    Nah, one prepares to die in order to git gud and not get hit, so on the contrary - you weren't prepared to die.
  5. Playstation
    I don't know. If i was preparing to get hit i was just delaying the inevitably of dying.

    Does one get good from always getting hit, never properly utilizing a shield or dodge functionality?
    Therefore i am a noob. :)
  6. Playstation
    I can still beat you in pvp regardless :D
  7. kova4a
    Maybe, I haven't played any Souls games in more than a year, so I'll need some time to get my groove back
  8. Playstation
    same here xD
  9. kova4a
    Yeah, times have changed. I barely have any times for games nowadays - at least not like before. Hell, I've spent more than 1500 hours on the Souls games. And it all started from seeing a guy in Japan playing Demon's Souls. That was the only reason I got a ps3 - I bought one as soon as the game became available internationally. I was scared from everything when I started playing it. It was crazy back then with From changing the world tendency on random basis and basically turning the game into a living nightmare.

    Then came Dark Souls 1 which I still consider the best game ever created. I've plated it so much, even used to do speedruns. Personally for me DS1 is the best game overall, DS2 was way too derivative with most of it just being a reskin of DS1, especially the bosses, but the pvp on the bridge in Iron Keep was so entertaining, especially with all the stances and crazy variations one could use. DS3 should have used the best parts of 1 and 2 but instead it got way too simplified. At least they made pvp less of a hassle with the arena. And that thrall axe, schiit, once you master it almost no one can hit you, I've won more than a 1000 matches and probably more half of them were with it alone. I sure miss the twinblades from DS2 though
  10. KaiserTK
    Man, Dark Souls. I still remember the exhilaration of beating the bell gargoyles for the first time and the frustration of not being able to get out of blighttown.

    Can’t think of any other game which made me feel so immersed into their fantasy world.
  11. Playstation
    Fond memories for sure. Now a new ip is about to drop. More great experiences incoming in the near future. Also i know nothing about Sekiro which will make it even more surprising. Can we expect any online elements? I really hope so :D
  12. kova4a
    Yeah, it was so good. All those moment of desperation, all those moments of finding a shortcut and realising how everything is interconnected. And it never got old for me, I've finished DS1 so many times. I still remember my first playthrough, which took my at least 90 hours even after Demon's Souls. I just had to discover every secret, I didn't want to miss anything. And then with hundreds of deaths and the help of the wiki I got better and better - counting iframes, stat scaling of all weapons with different upgrade paths, different builds. By the time I stopped playing it I was consistently finishing the game in 3-4 hours. Yeah, nowhere near a world record but I still had a life outside of the game lol
  13. kova4a
    Yeah, can't wait even though it will be nothing like the Souls games. It won't have any multiplayer but I hope it'll be still fun to play. Unfortunately, I have a doctoral thesis exam on the 25th and immediately after that I'll be going on a trip to Petra, so I'll have to pretend being Indiana Jones for a few days before having the opportunity to play the game. I'll surely take another week off work as soon as I get back home though, no other way around it.
  14. Playstation
    No multiplayer?

    Then i can wait to get the ccomplete game when it's $20
  15. tdockweiler
    I just finished Dark Souls 3 again recently. This is after about a 1 year break.
    I actually found it harder early on and then it kept getting easier and easier.
    I find that DS3 really increases the difficulty of the bosses later on in the game.

    Dancer of the Boreal Valley is the hardest boss for me because I can't seem to get used to the camera and dodging correctly.
    I beat it on the first try SOMEHOW, but I was level 70 and took it very slow and waiting for openings.

    The Twin Princes gave me problems and it was making me mad. Tried 4-5 times in one night and kept dying.
    The next day they were stupid easy (well, not quite). I just had to only attack them less and take my time.

    Second hardest boss for me is the final boss. I found it easier to avoid fighting him during specific stages where I do terrible (when he uses the long spear).
    I also found it easier to spam attack on him when he switches to using spells.

    I'm also one who seems to have no problem with Pontiff. I died on the first try this time because I was too defensive.
    I don't like this boss because I can kill them easier if I just spam attack as fast as possible.

    When I beat the game again I had no interest in playing it any more.
    I played through it maybe 3-4 times and that's enough for me.

    Dark Souls 2 is still easily my favorite and the most fun.
    When I finish it I immediately start over and keep playing. I've made so many characters.
    It's not easy, but the easiest in the series for me.
    I must have about 300 hours into it at least.
    That's a record possible for any video game.
    Only game getting that many hours is Fallout 3 and Final Fantasy XI (online).

    I actually found Bloodborne to be the most difficult.
    I got sick of that game on the last level and never bothered to finish it.

    These days I can't stand DS1 and find it to be no longer fun.
    There's a lot of artificial difficulty in that game. Just look at the bosses...
    And does anyone actually like continuing after Anor Londo? Not me.
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