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DAP with Strong USB Output, but Not Amp/DAC Focused

  1. Civil War Tamarin Monkey
    Hello, appreciate any advice. I have a lot of experience with home audio, but not so much with portable and headphones. I've purchased an iFi Micro iDSD Black Label to use with my HD6xx and Grado 325 headphones. Will probably buy some iem headphones down the road.

    It seems that a lot of DAPs that are well reviewed have good DACs and amps in them, but I have those inside the iFi device. It would seem that I could focus my dollars for a source on something other than a DAP which seems to duplicate some of what the iFi will do.

    What do people use for sources to get a quality signal into a (trans)portable amp/DAC like I have? A lot of my music is in FLAC and it would seem even my Samsung Galaxy S8 could output that well enough via USB out. I am looking to archive my SACD collection and am still researching the format those will end up in for transmission to the iFi. I am hopeful that the iFi's DSD capabilities will work well with the SACD files.

    Is there something like a DAP that can output native DSD and FLAC in an excellent way, but does not duplicate the DAC and amp? Or am I holding that in my hand already with my smartphone? Perhaps I could just buy a small tablet that I would keep music source focused.

    Again, any guidance on what people do would be appreciated.
  2. CJG888
    Shanling M0. Simples....

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