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dap with (easily) replaceable battery

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by magicalmouse, Aug 30, 2018.
  1. magicalmouse
    Hi i am looking for a mid to high end dap with replaceable battery as i want to keep it for many years and not have to replace when the battery fails.

    Alternatively one with a battery replacement service from the manufacturer that is not expensive.

    Any ideas - at present i have a fiio x7 and understand that when the battery begins to fail it has to be disposed of


  2. CobraMan
    Well - nobody else has replied yet so I will throw in the venerable iBasso DX90! Still my favorite - but then again I have not purchased any of the latest high-end DAP's on the market but from everything I have read none of them have replaceable batteries like the DX90.

  3. Pictograms
    The soundaware MR1 has a replaceable battery(it actually comes with a replacement in some places) it’s very popular in China but I read that a 2019 revision will come out someday so I am still waiting on getting a new dap.
  4. tashikoma
    Hello. Late answer, if not useless.
    Xduoo x3 have an easily replaceable battery too.
  5. Pictograms
    I recently replaced the battery in my dx200 and it was very very easy. The battery was also only 15 directly from IBasso

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