DAP which will mount as USB mass storage in newer Honda
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Aug 31, 2018
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Aug 31, 2018
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Hi, I,m a relatively new member here, but a long time lurker. Based on reading through a number of threads in the Portable Source Unit subforum, I purchased two DAPs which are sort-of-but-not-quite exactly what I wanted, so I thought I’d ask for recommendations:

Use cases

1) : I have a new Honda CR-V (USA-Ex version, with two USB ports and no audio jack AUX). I’d like a DAP which will mount as a mass storage device to the USB port, with better file organization than using a USB flash drive. Due to system quirks, no Bluetooth is available to non-phones (so they say....I have not verified that with a device which reports a pairing code which is not a phone). The head unit is a modified Android tablet which has very limited user modifiable options.

2) I recently started a job where I travel 100% to local sites for one-off projects for a few days duration. Typically, there is no WiFi and frequently no/weak cell service. I’ve been bringing a Bluetooth speaker for music, etc. but my old iPod is pretty small for a full day of music, and I’d rather not use my phone as the audio source. FM capability a plus.

Additional considerations:

I’d like to keep the price below $200, but if the only perfect thing is more...well..sigh. Ideally, one device for both purposes, which is a second reason I’m unhappy with USB flash drives.

Gapless playback. Resume. Lack of Bluetooth not a deal-breaker, I prefer my wired IEMs for other use cases.

What I’ve tried based on recommendations:

AGPTEK M20- this mounts as a USB drive and has FM, but the UI is quirky to say the least, and I’d really prefer to have a better file structure. No gapless playback. Meh.

HIDIZS AP60II- I really thought this would be perfect, but so far I have been unable to have it mount to the car USB- (works fine to the computer). it is possible that I have a defective unit, since I have also been unable to pair it via Bluetooth reliably. I have an open ticket with Hidizs.


If you have a recent Honda (or similar auto head unit/ use case) what have you had success with?

Might I have better luck with the Cayin N3 or one of the small Shanling units?
I’m aware of the forthcoming Hidizs AP80, but based on the current state of the software and my desire for something sooner, I’ll pass for now.

Should I (horrors, I know) just get a cheap dedicated Android phone (with no plan) with a micro SD slot for the car and as storage?

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