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DAP Suggestions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wash, Jan 27, 2011.
  1. Wash
    Hey guys,
    I'm looking for a new DAP. I have a 160gb ipod classic right now, I also have alot of lossless files. My ipod won't play them, which I dislike because I listen to most of my music through my ipod. I looked into rockbox, and it seems that it won't run on my ipod due to firmware problems or something. 
    I'm looking for a DAP that is/has:
    -High sound quality
    -Ability to play .flac, .ogg, etc lossless files
    -a lot of space, I like carrying around my library with me, which is about 50gb right now, and ever expanding.
    Price isnt a big problem, I would prefer it cheaper, but if it costs alot, so be it.
  2. Digital-Pride
  3. Wash
    Very nice, thank you. Is there anything a bit cheaper or is this the only one out there?
  4. tds101
    Try getting a Cowon J3 instead, as it maxes @32gb, you can add a microSD card for an extra 32gb, and the SQ is fantastic. The Cowon X7 is, unfortunately, looking like a ***FAIL*** unfortunately.
    Cowon J3 review: http://anythingbutipod.com/2010/11/cowon-j3-review/
  5. skoog5600
    How bout an amp recommendation with the J3?
  6. deadagain6591
    Whats wrong with the cowon x7?
  7. plonter
    if you need up to 64 gb then go for the j3...but you say you have a lot of lossless files than 64 gb won't cover it.  in that case go for the x7, it is a battery and space monster.
  8. skoog5600
    How's the sound on the X7 and do you have it amped?
  9. JoetheArachnid
    FiiO have a new DAP, the X3, coming in March. I can't say how much it'll cost but it's feature-packed and knowing FiiO's usual price to performance ratio it probably sounds very good for not much money.
    Thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/528916/
  10. Townyj
    No Onboard memory with the FiiO.. so you will have to fork out the extra for 2 x 32gig memory cards. The only viable options would be the J3 and D3 with Extra Memory or a large capacity Ipod.

  11. skoog5600
    Cowon D3 had horrible reviews.
    Anyone answer the question about a good amp that has good synergy with the either the X7 or J3?
  12. Townyj
    Why do you need an amp for either of those..?? You dont.. Waste of money. No Lineout...
  13. skoog5600
    Good point ... and from what everyone says the sound is good coming from these puppies. I wonder how they stack up against say an iMod with an amp? Is there much of a difference?
  14. Townyj
    Grab one :wink: The J3 or X7 look like good options!! But you definitely dont need an amp.. You could be doing a step backwards coming from your iMod. I would personally try and borrow one or goto a store and trial one if possible.
  15. skoog5600
    I sold my iMod rig because I realized that with my commute time on the Tokyo trains I need a combo music and video player. The iMod of course only plays music and had to bring my archos 5 for vids ... too much gadgetry so the X7 or J3 seems like a nice alternative as they play both music and vids and to top it off plays FLAC files. I think with my custom IEMs (JH13s and Rooth 8 drivers) I think I can get a pretty decent sound out of the player. It may be a sacrifice from the iMod, but it's one rig. 
    I will go to one of the many stores in Tokyo and check out them out.

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