DAP recommendation

  1. khestoi
    Need help on choosing which DAP should I go for...

    Below are my options:

    Fiio X5 iii
    Cayin N3
    Pioneer 30r

    I am currently using my S8+ and J3 coupled with IEM.
    I mainly listen to pop songs.
    I dont require wireless stuff or android.
    Any suggestions?
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  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I do like FiiO products.
  3. cossix
    Fiio is hard to beat in terms of performance per dollar. Some people dislike the interface but I do all my album creating and Playlist stuff on my pc before I transfer music so I have no problem with it
  4. khestoi
    I am going to try the x5 later
    Its the only dap in my list which is widely available in my country.
    It looks good but I have read a lot of review stating that it doesnt perform well when it comes to audio performance. Oh well, I will find out later.
  5. cossix
    Being out and about, I don't have any issues with sound quality on the X3. I think it's a wonderful unit, the only thing I'd ever change is maybe the DAC chip. It's not as detailed as I'm used to, but then again I only use Momentum 2 with it so it's not like I'll spend a ton of money for a DAP that costs more than the headphone I use it with
  6. khestoi
    Do you mean x5iii or x3?
  7. cossix
    X3 2nd gen
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Reviewers might have a biased for name brand DAPs, because name brand companies will spend a lot on advertising and the reviewers want some of that advertising money.
    FIIO does not spend a lot on advertising
  9. buke9
    Well if their is a review that was paid for then that needs to be stated. And if a reviewer is paid by a company then that is also should be stated. Who is doing reviews that is getting advertising money?
  10. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I used the word "might", so I'm not trying to push it as fact.
    I was not trying to say reviews are directly paid for, but that reviews might be tweaked towards favoring big named brands, in hope of getting future advertising (from name brand companies) on the reviewer's website.

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