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DAP or AMP for RHA T10 Under 100$

  1. Unknow_Guy
    Hi, can u help me finding good dap or amp to power up RHA T10? I'm basshead no doubt about that :wink: I'm listening mostly of the time deep dubstep (80%) and sometimes RAP (10%) and vocal chillout (10%). For now i use Sony A828 but i think RHA are not good powered i find out that sony is only 5mW+5mW, no info about ohm, and yes sound is very rich in bass but also litttle muddy and not quite loud. Scale in volume is up to 30 and form 18 loudness stop incresing. A828 is free from EU Db limits and ALVS is also off. So...


    xDuoo x2 (~50$)
    Colorfly c3 (~50$) <- this guy have 13mW/16ohm so im afraid that this guy will by at the same lvl in loudness as sony
    Fiio X1 v1 (~50$ but used)
    xDuoo x3 (~150$, so i need to serch for lower price)

    I'm from EU so Aliexpress is out, i dont want to wait 30-50day's for a new player. But looking for price on Ali hmm...

    In second mind i have option to buy a amp for Sony. Like FiiO A3 (~50$ used and around 100$ new) but i will stuck with almost 10years DAP and only 8Gb memory, no SD, no FLAC. But i can use AMP on Laptop :wink:

    -I'm using only RHA for music, no other headphones
    -I'm not afraid to use Chieniess DAP like xduoo
    -I need basic function, I'm minimal guy, have only 4-5 folders and in there 300songs :wink: so i think that cheap dap can handle the job well.

    Any help?
  2. yong_shun
    Hidizs AP60Pro is having a promotion at $109. It will be a good choice.
    Else, you can consider Fiio Q1 Mk II. There is a bass boost function :)
  3. Unknow_Guy
    Yeah nice one, but like i said i dont wanna wait a month for a player, i find RUIZU A50, and i think i will buy it, any opinion about my choice?
  4. yong_shun
    I didn't try that before so it is tough for me to give opinion with that model.
  5. Unknow_Guy
    Yeah i know this feeling, i didn't try any dap/amp for last 10 years. Ohh maybe for 2-4 days some FiiO and one Shanling m2s but nothing else. Stuck only with Sony, my world of dap/amp are so empty ;D I'm feel like a new born baby in this section of IT.
    Hmm... Sony for another 10years? :triportsad: Why this cheap dap is so hard to get in UE(yeah i know cuz they cheap:ksc75smile:) ... Only from China :triportsad:
  6. yong_shun
    save up and travel to HK or Singapore. You can try plenty of stuff here!
  7. Unknow_Guy
    Or I can Save and buy China DAP and wait for postman :)
  8. harry501501
    AMP - Topping NX2. Great all rounder and helped clean up the mids which I found a little veiled on the M750 and t20 (havent heard the t10 but have read it follows a house sound). It's a fantastic and underrated AMP.

    DAP - Maybe look in tot eh Shanling M1. Xduoo X3 is good but quite a weighty sound to it... I'm not sure how it would match with the t10 (but I'm only speculating so take that as you wish). The FIIO X1 at that price is very good as it's a good starter DAP and has a nice UI... 10x better than Xduoo X3 which needs Rockbox'd.
  9. Unknow_Guy
    Okey, thx for rep. But I have some update :wink: now i got around ~160$ ohh yeah :L3000:

    I can get FiiO x1 for around 60$ but used, so he is on my list for shure.

    I find this one's:
    Shanling M0 - but he is so BIG :p but have dac so for that plus, are the components are good for this price range?
    HiFiMan HM-700 without headphones
    Xduoo Nano D3
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  10. yong_shun
    Shanling is definitely a good choice. In the future if you wish to get a DAC for it, it will save you lots of trouble because of the dual way USB type C.
  11. harry501501
    The Shanling doubles up as a DAC too

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