DAP into *passive* preamp... will it work?
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Not sure where to post this, as my post really belongs in "dedicated home stereo with portable input"... but couldn't find that exact section

Anyway... I have a nice home system described here Audio Asylum Inmate DunninLA's Hybrid Stereo/HT System

I am new to portable, and so far have a Sansa Clip 4gb and awaiting the US availability of the Sony S639 16gb to store almost all of my about 150 cds in LAME v0 mp3 format. The hard drive also has FLAC version of the same music.

I would like to know if it is possible to play out of the DAP's headphone jack, through RCA, into my PASSIVE preamp SoundStage! Equipment Review - FT Audio LW1 Passive Preamplifier (6/2002)

If so, will the impedence and voltage out of the headphone jack resemble what the preamp currently gets out of the TV, CDP and DVD players? I know nothing really about electronics and impedences.

I am awaiting a cheapo mini->RCA plug I ordered from Sennheiser's site about 10 days ago, so I haven't even been able to test whether it will work yet.

Do any of you go DAP->mini/RCA cable->passive preamp? and if so, how does it sound?
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Originally Posted by DunninLA /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hmmm. Let me ask this a different way then.

Does anyone go straight out of the DAP into the RCA input of the home stereo Amplifier? My cd player can do this, though I do run it through the passive preamp.

Yes, there is really no fundamental difference between a pre-amp/power amp combo and an integrated amp, one is two box the other is one box but they do the same.

I go DAP or PCDP to integrated amp, no issues at all, the output on both is very low 700mV and 600mV but it just means you turn the volume up a bit

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