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DAP for streaming (Spotify, Tidal, ...)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by malenak, Jun 17, 2018.
  1. malenak
    Hi there! I want to buy DAP for streaming services. I am tired of finding and downloading the stuff from the internet. I just want to pay for stream service and want to have opportunity to download some albums to the DAP and enjoy the music online or offline. And I want that this will work easily, without any complicated installations or software hacks, etc. Nothing less, nothing more.

    And what is my price range? Let`s say, I want to buy future proof device with the top sound quality, build and ease of use. Let`s say up to 600€?

    What are the possibilities here?

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  2. artpiggo
    Ibasso dx150.
  3. prfallon69
    Pioneer XDP-300r.
  4. yong_shun
    I second Pioneer XDP-300R.
    Another good choice would be Fiio X7 MKII with interchangeable amp module :)
  5. malenak
    How big will be the quality difference between iBasso DX150 and DX80?

    What about Astell & Kern DAPs?
  6. yong_shun
    DX150 has a good improvement at UI and it has the interchangeable amp module design which is a hype in audio market now. In term of sound it is very subjective but I believe DX150 is a good upgrade from DX80. Dual AKM DAC Chips. Android based allows you to install third party apps for streaming.

    For Astell & Kern, currently only tidal is supported but there are rumors saying that Spotify will be supported in the future (Maybe already launched, I am a little bit outdated.)
  7. malenak
    Thanks for your advices! iBasso DAPs looks great. Is the iBasso better choice like the Pioneer?
  8. Arthur Li
    Pioneer 300r is known for having quality control issues. For example, the headphone jacks (both 3.5mm and 2.5mm ports) are prone to failure. On the other hand, Ibasso DX150/200 are known for unstable UI (lagging, apps suddenly stop working etc.). Both are bad options.

    AK daps do not support Tidal offline so you cannot download songs on Tidal and listen when wifi is not available. Also, as AK daps lack web-browsing function, they cannot be connected to certain wifi networks such as airport wifi networks (which require users to go to a specific web-page and agree on terms of use before allowing full-access).
  9. PonDicky
    No one recommending the Hiby R6 or R3? I'm in the same boat in looking for a DAP around the same price range and am really leaning towards the Hiby R6 due to the interface. I know people aren't crazy about the OI on the R6 and a lot are upset with the shipping delays of the R3, but beyond those I have only read good things. The OI is easily worked around if you need it and the positives of the R6 seems to greatly out weight the issues.

    Maybe I'm missing something with the Hiby models though. The iBasso DX150 does look pretty interesting as well, I just have my concerns about their OS and UI.
  10. yong_shun
    I owned a Pioneer XDP-300R and the jacks were working well before I sold them away (it is too big for me). Onkyo claimed that DP-X1A solved the jack issue so you might want to consider this model. If you have no confidence with Pioneer or Onkyo, maybe Fiio can be listed in your consideration. Personally I think both X5 III and X7 MKII are good choices with Android installed.
  11. malenak
    Few weeks ago I bought the Fiio Q1 MKII as I want to use it with my iPhone. But, there is no a huge sound improvement and honestly, my expectations of usability was different from reality. That was the reason I decided for DAP. I have iBasso IT01 and RHA MA750. I will probably sell them both and also try to find better IEM. IT01 are very dynamic and nice for the first effect, but I am missing some kind of "mojo" from them. There are no emotions from them.

    My main HPs at home are Hifiman HE400i with Audio-gd R2R 11. And I love this combo. It is very musical and I can enjoy them for a longer time.

    I am finding some solution for traveling. For now, The iBasso DX150 seems like the favorite. Even DX80 seems nice. I will check also the mentioned Pionner, Onkyo and Fiio.
    Then I will start with IEMs.
  12. Pandaemonaeon
    Pretty sure Onkyo fixed the jacks issue with the X1a. Hell, I have an X1 and the jacks are fine because it's not from the early Japanese production line.

    But anyway, in some respects, that and the 300R are relatively future proof for most people.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
    yong_shun likes this.
  13. yong_shun
    May I know what is the quality of your recording? Could it be the quality of recording is limiting the overall performance?

    Yeap. X1A is launched to address the jack issue mostly.
  14. Pandaemonaeon
    And the 300r having jack issues are news to me. Yes, the hardware is relatively similar but I've never heard of this issue cropping up on this model. If this is verified, that should accelerate my plans of skipping the 300r and going back to A&K.
  15. yong_shun
    I did not face the issue tho and I checked with the buyer who is using my pre-owned 300R now, he claimed that it is still working good. Maybe batch issue? Not very sure about this...

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