DAP for a basshead.
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Jun 26, 2011
Hi all. I've been researching lately, and had a Cozoy Aegis deal that fell through, so I'm on the hunt again.

I had an original FiiO X3, but found the interface clunky, using the buttons and such. The fact that it couldn't read ID3 tags bothered me too. So, I moved to an X3ii. Bass was good, but in the end, I bought a Cayin C5 amp to tie to it. Bass was great, stacking sucked. Sold the setup. Then I went back to the original X3. Sold that again, as I couldn't handle the clunky interface. Read about the Aegis, and thought that pairing that with my phone would be fantastic. But the deal I was working, fell through. So now I'm not sure where to go.

I use ASG -2.5 IEMs, and love the bass and sub bass they put out, with the original X3, I could literally get them to vibrate my ear canals, and take my breath away. The Aegis, paired with my phone, could be a flexible and powerful DAC/Amp combo that should get me what I'm looking for. But I'm just not sure I want to go through getting another one. So, I'm looking for a DAP. Could be a small DAC/Amp I attach to my phone, could be a dedicated DAP.

I've been looking on the FiiO website, and the original X3 and the X5ii have similar specs, minus the hardware bass/treble control on the X3.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a DAP, or DAC/Amp that I could get that would satisfy my basshead needs? Keep in mind, if I use my phone, something small would be preferred. A DAP can be anything up to about $500.

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